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Get Fit The Pain Free Way: 5 Core Principles

1. You don't need to suffer to get fit, lose fat and be healthy.
2. You need to build a strong foundation of strength for your body.
3. Recover right and treat your own muscle and joint pain at home.
4. Quick fixes don't work long term.
5. Fitness is accessible to everyone.

This is what Laurens Fitness is about. ‪#‎getfitthepainfreeway‬

I'm Tania and I'm 56 and my goal is to retire and still be in good health to enjoy life. I have found that as the decades pass I am able to do less and less demanding exercises. It's a challenge to find exercises fit for me. I have lower back pain due to a bulging disk and osteoarthritis in the right thumb, (which prevents me from doing pushups and such things without pain or causing irritation to the joint), and a stage one bunion on my right toe which makes it hard to run/ jog for aerobic exercise. I wear shoe orthodics.

Hi Lauren,
I am a 16 year old, and I have always been overweight. The past two years, I have been struggling with my weight. When we get into our teen years, that is when we start to feel self conscious about our bodies. I am having problems staying motivated. I am now 100 pounds over the healthy weight for my height and bone build, and its like every time I turn around, people are telling me I can't do it and I believe them. I am about ready to give up.

Hey there...My name is Paul and I am new to this. I've just lost two stone in weight and stopped smoking. I am now looking to get fit and lose body fat. I would like to do that at home if possible.

Hi Lauren, I am a 62 year old male runner and have been injured for a few months with a back injury. I finally saw a chiropractor and she diagnosed a twisted pelvis which she has sorted out and I have started training again but need to strengthen and build my lower back/core up but keep getting conflicting evidence off all the trainers in fitness classes. They are trying to get me to do weight training and crossfit which I feel is going for me way to fast and gung ho. I want to be sensible and get fitter by coming back slow and steady so I can run for another few years yet. I weigh 210lbs and 6 foot tall so need to lose some weight to protect the back. Your website is like a breath of fresh air and you tell it as it is which is just what I need. cheers Tony Hunking

Hi Lauren,
Glad to have found your website. I am 50 years old have always be very fit and active, even kick boxing at 40, had to have rods in spine at L4 to L5 in Feb had unknown leg length diff from childhood injury led to left hip dislocating at 40, on to broken back at 47, had surgery but having debilitating
problems with muscles drawing on left side of body with jaw,ribs, neck, hips involved, causing  nerve symptoms in face and arms,  had a million tests  tell me all good,  had a chiro tell me he thought it was a fascia problem, had feet eval. and now have lift on right for length diff. and orthotics, have tried physical therapy, but doesn't help, have tried everything, can u  possibly help

hi lauren,
just joined the community. i have tried so much to take off weight but just don't know the best way to go about it. i hope i will be happy here. i will be so much interested in working out at home, so you tell me what to do and when to do it.

Hi Lauren,
I purchased, Tennis Ball Self Massage.  I'm battling tingling and numbness in my right index finger and middle finger.  Horrific pain in the morning, trying to get ready for work/drive.  Going to PT (six times) scheduled for two more weeks.  I' m a believer  in figuring out what you can do on one side and not the other so this is what I can tell you.  I can easily put my left hand up into my left armpit with my thumb to the rear of my armpit and turn my left arm to the front of my body.   I can, with effort put my right hand into my armpit but can only get my thumb in the center of my armpit, not behind it and I can not bring my right arm forward.  I'm wondering what exercise to do to achieve this on the right side.   Any thoughts?

Hi Lauren
Just bought two of your books. I am 53 and hoping to get back into shape. Hope you can help

Hi Lauren... I found this post while doing a google search for simple home fitness programs.  Glad to find the site
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