I may as well write it down here too! Caledon Harvest Festival 2017 will be held Nov. 5-12, with both the early and late Newcomers' Ball on the 11th.

Theme will be "Feast", so I am looking for merchants related to food stuff! (Not only, but as much as possible.) We already have one who accepted!

Also, we'll have a Drink-walk; all Caledonian food and drink establishments will be welcome to have an advert on the festival's grounds, and are invited to hold a special (themed) event during the week. We already have the Book and Tankard pub on Monday, 1pm SLT (I think), Andrea's Pub on Tuesday, 9pm SLT, and Doctor Avalon's pub (sorry, memory failure, will update soon), date and time to be determined. A calendar with all events will be also on display.

As usual, volunteers and suggestions welcome - especially about merchants to contact!

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This is always so much fun! I can't believe it's here already!
June 17th from 1-3 and from 7-9 with DJ Poppy

A Masquerade reminiscent of the Alice in Wonderland stories.

You'll find a scene reminiscent of the Alice stories in Wonderland, Through The Looking Glass and Down The Rabbit Hole... you know the stories! Find your best costume for this always fun and exciting masquerade event. A feast for your eyes and ears as always!

DJ Poppy will be your musical host once again.
This is a Relay for Life "Funraiser" with all proceeds & tips going to RFL team ACTS

Bring the cat and the rabbit, your catepillars and mad hatters. Heck bring your weird cousin, too!

This year we will be atop the Carpe Librum Maze in Caledon II.

I'm shaken to hear via Twitter that +Riven Homewood has passed away yesterday. She was a librarian, Caledon resident, former Steelhead resident, and my friend. I will miss her!

I might as well reach out here too... I may not be available for the organization of the next Harvest Festival - not as much as I used to. So if anyone wants to learn how I do things, I can show them my tricks at the next Spring Fling. Just let me know!

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"Museum Island" has a lot of historical architectures of old Italy, Greek,
Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Ethiopia and Spain.
My catalogue of architectures of Museum Island;

Current estate owner has a medical problem so she can't keep Museum Island
any more. 22th Jan is off-line day.

Volunteers are struggling for saving Museum Island. They think to get rental
homestead which costs 200 USD/mouth, but they need more help for sharing 50

At this point, they can't get help of the creator of the architectures, so
they can't move these architectures. They hope downgrading from current full
region to new homestead without moving of architectures.

Is there any person who are;
- full region owner who can rent a homestead for LL's price of new homestead
(180 USD for purchase and 125 USD/month),
- volunteers who can share more 50 USD/month
or who has experience for such a case?

Please send IM to Merril Baxton, JohnNoone Resident or Morgan Darkrose (all
are avatar name).

22th Jan is time limit!

Yan Lauria, Curator of Abyss Observatory at Farwell and JOGrid,
The Modern Museum at STEM Island and The Education Portal at The
Science Circle
Hajime Nishimura, Japan Agency for Earth-Marin Science and Technology

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Coming up next week on the 28th, Last Wednesday Classics. Dance among the paintings of the great masters. This month featuring the works of Rembrandt. Dress is formal/masquerade. DJ Poppy will be presenting classical music for your dancing pleasure. 1 pm slt.

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Presenting Holly's Caledon World in Black & White. Saturday, December 31st at 6pm slt. Gibraltar House Art Gallery and Tavern.

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Join us tonight in Port Caledon in a lovely Japanese influenced tea garden for music and dance. 7pm slt. I'll post a lm this evening in ISC and my groups. You won't want to miss this event! An eclectic mix of Japanese and Japanese influenced dance music. Oh! and drums!

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I do hope you can all join us for the Thanksgiving dance and dinner at the House of Jones on 11-22-2016. Music will be starting at 6 PM to 8 PM SL time. Miss Samantha Poindexter will be our Dj for the evening.

She will be playing selections from Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions, Alice's Restaurant, and other season favorites. I'm told that these are Thanksgiving got-to-haves, so I'm looking forward to hearing them. Alice's Restaurant will be played at 7 pm. if everything goes as planned.

There will be a variety of seasonal foods laid out in a buffet style so everyone can visit, dance, and eat as they please. Champagne will be available to the adults, lemonade and sodas for the kids.

I hope to see you for the event.

I recommend sunset or sunrise sun setting.

Your Landmark for the event. You will arrive on my front steps. Please feel free to come in through the front doors.


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The Patty Poppy part of my persona is presenting a tribute to Leonard Cohen tomorrow, Sunday, at 6pm in Second Life at her Gibraltar House venue. I've prepared a playlist of all Cohen's songs both covers and originals. Dinner will be served at 6pm and dancing at 7pm slt.. Dress is casual, but if you have a "famous blue raincoat" hiding in your closet....
Here's the slurl to the venue: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caledon%20II/37/73/23
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