Hey does any girls want to roleplay with me? Here your opinions

1: Crazy sexy insane asylum like outlast (a couple of girls)

2: sexy Zombie apocalypse (2 or 3)

3: Kinky Christmas gift from girlfriend ((your choice))

4: School of sex ((need to play 2 girls))

5: Creepypasta sex (3 maybe)

6: fallout sex . (2 at best)

7: Trapped in a video game world

Rules be descriptive and describe yourself and no one word/liners


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Looking for anyone (prefer futa or female but open to anyone or anything, literally) to play with me. Im a shy furry cat boy))

*i slowly peek my head out of the mixed bathing hot spring changing room, checking to see if anyone else was out. Seeing no one i slowly wander out before dropping my towel to reveal my nude feminine body. I slowly dip into the hot springs, purring in delight at the feeling. After a few minutes of relaxing, i am so soothed that i fail to notice you open the door to the changing room, seeing me, the cute kitty you saw at the front desk, facing away from the door in the water*

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Hi I'm new here nice to meet you all

Any girls want to role play with me.

This place is dead.....

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"Aries do you think this looks good?" we were both boyfriend and girlfriend but you were a high quality porn star and me I was just some guy. Everyday was the same you go to work get fucked go home and sadly we never had sex but today I would have you. You just came out the shower looking for something to where then I make my move

((Female needed to start and I may have more female that I will play as 
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