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I AM raising awareness to emotional abuse in relationships with millennials with my book, The Covered.


Alexis Nicole White is a young, eager and ambitious woman, ready to pursue her dreams and take on corporate America. As with many women, part of the way she viewed success was being in love and loved, in a healthy relationship. However, after disappointments both professionally and personally, Alexis is forced to look at her life and redefine what it means to have love, happiness and success. In THE COVERED, Alexis reveals several ways women are involved in emotionally abusive relationships.

In THE COVERED, Alexis reveals several ways women are involved in emotionally abusive relationships.
Learn how to…
• Set clear boundaries
• Trust your inner voice
• Not believe the hype
• Be prepared to walk away
• Identify quality relationships and people

Language: English
Paperback: 6’ X 9’, 236 pages, $15.99
ISBN-13: 978-1-62676-956-4
eBook: digital, 195 pages $5.99
ISBN-13: 978-1-62676-955-7


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Who out there is hustling for their dreams!?

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We are hiring. We want people who are passionate and on a mission to reaching financial and time freedom. Contact me for more details on this amazing opportunity. 

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Training, support, and encouragement are what you receive when you join millennials on a mission. We are dedicated to helping a group of individuals become 6 figure income earners. 

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Positive Self Talk is a really important aspect of Network Marketing. You have to believe in yourself to be able to achieve your goals. 

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Part of becoming a 6 figure income earner is understanding residual income. Check out this post to learn more! 

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An inspiring article highlight the importance of remembering your why.

I think for millennials on a mission, our why is to have time and financial freedom that we would not have working a 9-5 job. 

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Welcome to our Millennials on a Mission community. Here you will find encouragement, motivation, and network marketing discussions. Please feel free to invite other millennials you know to join us on this journey. We are motivated to create a life of time and financial freedom! 
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