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Blank Miraculous Template
Miraculous name:
Kwami age:
Kwami gender:
Kwami bio:
Kwami appearance:

(now I'm not that good with starters I've been told but there aren't any other starters so might as well I'm also bored so who wants to roleplay?!)

the day was Halloween the anniversary of the nun's death the abbey hadn't gotten any new nun's in two years he had still been sad about the nun's death so he decided to stay out as wolf fidele he had payed his respect like 50 times until he found a bad guy who angered him even more he seemed to be a preacher all fidele wolf did was run throw his miraculous across his room and he just sat down and sobbed

Name: George
Age: about 16
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Height: 6'8"
Weight: about 58lbs
Bio: an orphan his parents died shortly after his birth and in most of the orphan houses he was beat up and tortured they would shiv him and after every tenth shank mark he would be moved to a different home he eventually wound up using most of his time curled up in a ball until he was moved to a church and the nuns finally let him go to school he thanked them like twelve times evry day before school
Personality:happy forgiving helpful and tries to keep to himself until some body bullied another person
Likes: the nuns who let him go to school being moved to the church animals specifically dogs and guitars
Dislikes: bullies and I think that's it mainly bullies
Miraculous name: the miraculous of helpfullness
Kwami: tac
Kwami age: 7,ooo years old
Kwami gender:boy
Kwami bio: (his back story may sound a bit weird but hey ) he was a regular wolf all those years ago until the packs went into a full blown war he was a general who no matter the pack he would help heal the general of the other army attacked tac from behind killing him he was given gratitude from the Chinese gods he was turned into a kwami later he was trapped into a miraculous and was trapped there for 2,000 years
Appearance: human white under shirt maroon dress shirt and navy blue coats with jeans after transformed whit sleek shiny suit with a big bushy tail a mask and big more triangular ears
Kwami appearance: a white wolf with ears and a tail

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Can I be Marinette?

Name: kyanite
Gender: female
Sexuality: stright
Height: idk the exact hight but about the same as Adrien
Weight: very light like 0.3 grams
Bio: she was adopted at the age of 3 to a rich family. one day she found a wolf tooth necklace and since her fave animal was wolf she picked it up but it had another surprise in it.
Personality: shy, sweet and easy provoked
Likes: being with friends blending in and COOKIES!
Dislikes: making a fool of myself in front of my crush. bring made fun of
Miraculous name: Wolf_Slicer
Kwami:(I'm going to guess the little fairy like creatures tht let them tranceform)) Ayame
Kwami age: 14
Kwami gender: female
Kwami bio: she was put to sleep inside the necklace kyanite found but she awoke when kyanite first tranceformed
Appearance: when tranceform pink hair. normal hair is black. she wears purple and red
Kwami appearance: white with a red star like mark on her forhead with wolf ears and tail

Do I need to sign up because you already know my OC

So are u aloud oc from other show's?
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