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Welcome to CJ RP! Please follow the rules!
I am the owner and +Fury Green is the head mod.
+***** is also mod
+Fury Green and I are the two Preators.
http://1.Do not RP untill your character profile is Approved!(Only Mods can aprove)2. Your character profile must have:
Godly Parent:

3. You may not have any of the Big 3 as your Godly parent!
4.You may not have Artimis as your Godly parent(However you can be a Hunter!:) With my approval )
6. NO "Repost or you'll die!" Type stuff!
7. No cursing!
8. No Relation to any of Rick Riordian's characters! For example no saying "I'm Leo's daughter!" And stuff!
9. No huge powers unless I approve! For examle no fire powers or water powers!
10. Have fun!
11. No quests unless I assign them
12. Put actions in bold (just put a * before and after * what you want to make bold without spaces!
13. Put thoughts in slant (just put a _ before and after _ without the space)
14. Put speech in " Quotion marks" or nothing at all
15. Only 2 Characters MAX
16. Join with a different Profile to RP with

I assign your Cohort! Listed below.
First Cohort members:
Leader: Piper Evens (+arrowtoheart
Grace Mellow (+Ceils BrookieBear-Chan Yukii-Chan)
Jenny Lockwell (+Lily E. Mooney

Second Cohort members:
Leader: Sander Ereal (+*****)
Elise Derose

Third Cohort members (
Leader: Holly Holiday (+Shain)
Mordred Jones (+Alexander Dutton

Fourth Cohort members:
Leader:Ty Heal (+Fury Green)
Zoe (+Junebug Fandom)

Fifth Cohort members:
Leader: Jennifer Crystal (+Sol the Mega Absol
Agóri Mágissa (+Magus Potentioribus /A Trimigod\)
Dean Surge (+ShReDeD sHrEk)

Duels are allowed here are the rules:
No death! No OP moves! Agree out side of the RP who wins and make sure you fight fare! If you hurt them don't make it major! You can reject a duel if you don't want to. You can challange someone to a duel. For those of you with powers try not to be un-fair and keep it limited on the powers! Comment Banana Sprouts if you read this! Thank you!

(Open) Lauren was walking threw the garden with Slippy at her feet. She looked around as her otter played in the fountian

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Open spot for Mod! Tryouts end on the 1st! Go make an OC after reading all the rules!

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Name: Dean Surge
Age: 19
Godly Parent: Mars
Weapon: Dual swords
Aperence: pic
Personality: Kind, serious
Bio: Unknown



Mary sits on a shady bench and is scanning the camp. She wears her SPQR shirt with black skinny jeans and her hair is in a French braid.

Does anyone know how to bold on here?

Name: Sander "Alex" Ereal
Godly Parent: Minerva
Cohort: Second leader
Relationship: Holly
Sexuality: Straight
Weapon: Alex has two bracelets one is black with a white sword and the other is black with an owl and a bow underneath it, one turns into a sword the other a bow and arrow
Appearance: Alex is 5 foot 6 inches a masculine/slim build he has black hair dark olive skin dark brown eyes
Personality: Alex can be hard headed kind caring compassionate however do not anger him
Bio: (I forgot lol) 


Ty, the new Praetor Is walking around, making sure everyone is following the rules, you see him and...

Name: Brady Walker.

Parent: Pluto

Age: 17

Years at camp: 9

WOC (Weapon of Choice): Stygian Iron Sword

Personality: Not emo at all, likes black, death, is so bad at jokes that he is hilarious, hates jerks, is 6, 3.

Appearance: Tall, blonde hair, wears black leather jackets on top of his CJ shirt, wears black jeans, and black boots.

Bio/Backstory: Was 5 when a hellhound showed up at my door, it was tamed, but it was tamed to act like a wild one and to fake attack. It did on me and it scratched my arm. My mom fell for the trick and dropped me on the streets. I was soon found by Lupa and she took me in and raised me, once I was 8 she took me to Camp Jupiter, where I found my hellhound, Skull, and it turns out Hades sent it as a present in two ways. 1. To let me have a pet and 2. Because some ogres were about to attack my house, so he sent it to act like it was attacking me so mom would get me away from the house, and so then I would be able to go to Camp Jupiter.

Extra: I was claimed when I was 13.

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