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One Minute Closer is available for all you ANDROID users through Google Play Now!!

Download the fully fictional version of One Minute Closer now and be among the first to have your roster and work travel information at your finger tips. Share you travel plans with those close to you and start turning those "So when will you be home" questions into "So when when yo are home I've planned" conversations.

I have updated the FAQs on the website and please contact me directly if you have any queries or feedback so I can get them updated for all users.

One Minute Closer V1.1 will be available on the App Store any day now so stay tuned for more information. For more blog articles and tips for working away, visit the web site at

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With One Minute Closer almost available for download with full functionality, I thought an FAQs specifically on the app is a good idea. I've had plenty of questions around many aspects of One Minute Closer so I will start to collate and publish as they are asked.

If you have any questions of your own, please contact me and I will answer ASAP and add to the {F}AQs list. For more information and to view all previous blog articles, please visit

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One Minute Closer is still with Apple for review with no update for release...but I have been getting lots of questions around what this great App can do.

So, stay posted for my new blog on FAQs on the functionality of One Minute Closer and how it can help away workers. Keep the questions coming and I will continually update the blog post so you all can make the most of all features...when Apple finish and let us update to full functionality.

For more information and previous blog articles, please visit

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Welcome to the One Minute Closer Community!

Created by a Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO) Worker, the One Minute Closer App is the one-stop platform for those away from home, due to employment circumstances, to efficiently and effectively communicate with their loved ones.

For more information and resources to help make the most of your time away from home, visit our website!

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Can't wait to download the One Minute Closer App!

The first Lifestyle Network for people who work away from home & their loved ones, One Minute Closer includes the following features:
• Your own Profile Page with a Live Countdown Timer so family & friends know exactly how long till you're back home.

• Set Up & Share your Roster in less than 60 seconds with loved ones so they are always in the loop with your work schedule.

• Real-Time Messages to connect with your community, from one-on-one messaging to group chats with multiple participants.

For more info, visit
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Available soon on the App Store and Google Play, we invite to become a Tester for exclusive access to the One Minute Closer Android App!

To become a Tester, simply join our Google Group and go to Once you have tried the app, post your feedback on our Community page!

Keep safe & stay connected,

The OMC Team

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A small win today!! The first version of One Minute Closer was approved and is now available on Google Play for download to all Android devices.

Apple are still conducting their review and an update on a release date is expected this week. Once Apple release One Minute Closer to the App Store, the updated version including improved functionality for the Family / Friend Profile will be uploaded and available.

Stay tuned to the Facebook page for updates or register at www, to be among the first to know when the full version is available and ready to use. 
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