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EHFR' $ not "zefer"... "not [U.S.] not a pirate" "whos got b@d'karma'... oh no! oh no!!"(r.i.p. "heath" TRUE "joker")

"got á job" & "dame hierba, señorita"


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"of course 'you' can, of course 'you' can"

ALL "ÿou" NEED 2 ADD IS A "blunt-&-beer" and headphones


"COP" THE NEW "[['©0®|\/|€|_>@'-[PHILOSOPHY]'@||3|_||\/|']]" (C-PHILOSPHY)CORMEGA-"Mega Philosophy"(Live In Toronto Apr/04/2013) (C-HONOR[]) Cormega feat. Raekwon - Honorable (prod. Large Professor) PUMP THEM "'|3@®$&-#00|{$" CAUSE QB/BK/STATEN-ISLAND IS RULIGN "[HIP-HOP/®&|3/®@P]" via EoA/GODFORY'$ "INTERSECTION-INTERVENTION-CONNECTIONS" NOC A$$A$INATION$ / THIS AIN'T "©#€$$; ©#€©|{€®$; O® |\/|0Π0|?0|_¥" FORY IS IN "[[[[[['control']]]]]]" OF THE [[[[[[[[['Π0|{!@'-AION-'lumia']]]]]]]]]" NYC-®@|]!0-DJ$ PUMP THE "[HIDDEN-[['havoc']]FILES]" THIS AIN'T "®@|?" BUT [[[[[[[[[√@©|{$0Π-HEIGHT$-THUNDER]]]]]]]]] \ LYRICAL "HEAT" ON EVERY BEAT GUARANTEE "G.O.D / D@MOSPHERE / EoA" BE-RIGHT-BACK $TANDIGN-ON2-FEET THOUGH NIGGAZ HATE-[[["D"]]]NOW SHOUTOUT TO THE QB "[['[BAND-OF-BROTHERS]']]" PATROLLIGN "U.$.A" BORDERS CAUSE "$€©®€+$€®\/!©€-$|{|_|||$" ONLY!!!!!! FOLLOW [[[[[[[[[MURAMUSUFORYUHAYUBASA-"CHI"-COMMANDER]]]]]]]]] ORDER$ LOOK @ THE AS "you" ROAM THE 85th STREET CORNER / REAL NIGGAZ DOWN D-151-BOTTLE $+@¥ SOBER & BANG, BANG, BANG "GORGEOUS-$|_||?€®-MODELS"... 

NOW AS|{IGN THE "[[['DIVINE'-'holy'-'POWER"]]]" THE [[["$T®€ΠTH-'[[[[[[2]]]]]]'-ENDURE]]] & STAY PURE TILL THERE'$ A CURE, BACK-IN-DAY[$] $@Π|_> "immature" PARA UNA "china" & ONLY UNDERSTOOD "[[['love']]]" UPON K.I.$.$.I.N.G. A "phillipina" / THE "girl" USED TO OWN THIS "[[['heart'-&-'soul']]]" SPUN "deep-OUTTA-control" WITH THOUGHTS OF |{!||IGN "bubbles" dumpIGN THE BODY IN THE "river" BUT "[[['MOTHER']]]" SAVED "steve" SWORD IN SUV LE DIJE "muerto-LO-vi" "[['[LADY]']]" REPLIED "[[['ella'-'U'-'don't'-'NEED']]]... DEJALA QUE ESCOJA SI ELLA VA SER SU ESPOSA" THEN DROVE TO THE "[[[FIREMAN-"football"-FIELD]]]" TO OUT RUN THE "PAIN-&-RAGE" "girl" HAD MY "[[['love'-&-'heart']]]" IN A "[['apartment'-[BROOKLYN]'cage']]" NOW THAT "[[['girl']]]" IS "PREGNANT&-MARR[IED]" IN THE "eye[$]" OF "DIOS/ALLAH/GOD" IT "NUMB[ED]" THE "[['[PASSION-&-EMOTION]']]" ITS [[[[[[[[[REAL[LY]]]]]]]]]] FUCKIGN STRANGE BECAUSE "@£+€®" CRYIGN "[[[40-STR8-HOUR$]]]" THE "hurt-&-pain" FADED AWAY WITHOUT FEELIGN THE [[[[[['[[[CHANGE[]]]]']]]]]]... QBC/JACKSON-HEIGHTS/EAST-ELMHURST/CORONA/FLUSHIGN/BAYSIDE, NYS GREATEST-LYRICAL-POET "[['[BREATHIGN]']]" & FREESTYLES SHOW IT, IF "you" GOT THIS "verse" DROP THE "baggage" DON'T TOW IT 


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