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3d Food printing with two food pastes!
Chocolate and white chocolate.
The pods are manually filled with cranberries and topped with saffron citrus jelly and red berry pepper sauce.

We also tried some pods in meat paté, taste great but looks... awkward
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Don't ever forget the most important part about 3D food printing.. Zoe will remind you!

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The LUTUM® printing system evolved into a dedicated and  integrated 3dfood, chocolate and BBQ table!
Now printing chocolate at Twix factory in Veghel, but soon printing dual material pastes to cook in the BBQ egg. This is going to be a fantastic summer!
Chocolate 3D Printing in the 'Twix factory' at Fabrique Magnifique.
Running first tests and abilities of our new 3dfoodprinter table.
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Foodprinting in Hogschule Rhein-waal in Kamp-lintfort!
LUTUM Gold delivered at the Hochschule Rhein-waal in Kamp-Lintfort!
Our printer is located in the Fablab at the new faculty building of the department. School and Student housing is located near each other around a spacious middle courtyard.

After arrival we setup the ‪#‎LUTUM‬ in the middle of the fab area. It will later be relocated to the kitchen or the new to setup ‪#‎ceramics‬ studio. Before the break we installed the standard clay extruder and gave a short introduction into ‪#‎3Dclayprinting‬. After the lunch break at the mess hall we set up the Gold extruder...

They already started experimenting with the Choc Creator 3dchocolate printer but love to expand possibilities with the many food pastes our LUTUM gold can handle.
This food extruder variant came equipped with the new heating element attached and will be used for experiments in hot #3dfoodprinting .

We quickly demonstrated how to print basic  #marzipan   before we had to head back to the Netherlands :-(

A very inspiring place we will most likely visit again in the near future!!
#fablab  ‪# #3dprinting   ‪ #3dprinter   #3dprintingceramics  ‬ #clay #3dfoodprinter   #3dceramicsprinting   #pottery  ‬ #vormvrij3d   #vormvrij  ‬
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sorry! in Dutch, but about foodprinting...
Terugblik op 'Kom in de kas'! 

(Sorry! movie is in Dutch and about the impact of Tech on food production and experience)

AgriFoodTech Platform heeft een interessant filmpje over 3D foodprinting. Vormvrij® was daarbij natuurlijk...

Met dank aan Tasty Green Lifestyle Experience (TGLE) voor het filmpje en ZLTO die ons vroegen om tijdens 'Kom in de kas' ruim 2500 hapjes voor de bezoekers te printen.

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Last chance for tickets to next weeks 3D Food Printing Workshop: Exploratorium!

If you're already going, reply back and let everyone know!
Final call for tickets to our +3DigitalCooks 3D Food Printing Workshop next week during  +FabCon-3D in Erfurt, Germany!

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Check out the 3D Food Printing by 3DigitalCooks during Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D from 14 - 16 June in Erfurt, Germany! See link below. If you have any question - please contact me.

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In collaboration with +FabCon-3D , +Luis Rodriguez Alcalde and I will be doing the +3DigitalCooks *3D Food Printing Workshop: EXPLORATORIUM* at Messe Erfurt at FabCon 3.D this June!

Can't thank +Florian Horsch +Marcus Lutterberg enough! 

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Hi everyone!
We have started a new series of weekly video on our adventures around 3d food printing! I had the chance to get a closer look into the chocosketch 3d chocolate printer. I hope you enjoy. Subscribe if you like it!
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