You cannot fulfil your limitless potential unless you
learn what resources you have, how God intended
them to function, and why He gave them to you.
Myles Munroe
God knows your talents and gifts because He is the one who puts them in you. He expects you to be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it and have dominion (Genesis 1:28). Therefore, your failure causes grief to God. An example of this is the parable of the talent, which Jesus told in Matthew 25:14-30. The Master was angry with the Servant who received one talent but did not trade with it. The Master cast him into outer darkness. The world is not suffering from people who are trading with their talents and gifts but from those who are not trading with theirs. God also knows that man will find satisfaction in making progress even after the fall of man. He then lifted the curse which He placed on the ground but allowed the perspiration (sweat) which was the effect of the fall to continue. God had cursed the ground in Genesis 3:17-19 and said that in the sweat of your face shall you eat bread. But when He lifted the curse on the ground in Genesis 8:21, He said nothing about the sweat which a man must produce before he eats bread. This entails that the ground is full of wealth but man must still sweat to search it out. The wealth of the ground is still there but how to discover it needs some specialties and expertise. These specialties and expertise are locked up inside of man by God known as potentials, talents or gifts. Until you discover your talents and gifts and utilize them effectively, the wealth of the earth will remain latent or elusive to you.
Therefore, there are some ways by which you can use to identify your gifts and talents for proper maximization.
1. Ask God:
This is the first and foremost thing to do. God is your creator and it is of a necessity that you ask Him genuinely from your heart as He is the only one who knows what stuff you are made of. He said “Ask and it shall be given to you…(Matthew 7:7). The Bible also states “Every good and every perfect gift comes from above, from the father of lights in whom there is no variableness or any shadow of turning” (James 1:17). But one thing that is outstanding which you should take very seriously is the fact that you are created in the image of God and after His likeness. Therefore, you are not limited at all.
2. Believe in yourself:
You must accept yourself the way you are made and believe in yourself. Believe that you are as gifted as anybody else because God is not a respecter of any man (Acts 10:34).
3. Look for one thing that you can do best:
Note that I said “one thing” and not many things. In the book of 2 Corinthians 4:7, it says “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels…”. It specifically mentioned treasure and not treasures. Doing one thing very well which you have properly identified pays the failures of many years in which you have been trying to do many things.
4. Know your obsessions:
Obsession is that fixed idea that your mind cannot be free from. Most of the time, “What you hate most, you have the capacity to solve and what you love most you have the ability to do it” says Mike Murdock. Kathlyn Kulman also said “You can never get rid of your own troubles unless you take upon yourself the troubles of others”.
5. Take note of your unique way of doing things:
Take a careful note of your peculiar and unique way of doing things. Always be yourself and proclaim your own uniqueness. Don’t copy anyone. Do your own things your own way. Don’t conform to any norm, but see things from your own perspective.

6. Create an avenue for prayer and hard work:
Only those who work extra time become who they really want to be. “The soul of the lazy man desires and has nothing; but the soul of the diligent shall be made rich” (Proverbs 13:4). Always pray to God and work very hard too.

To stir gives the picture of salt, sugar or flour when put into water. It will first of all settle at the bottom of the container, until you use something or a spoon to move it in order to for it to saturate the water. Your gifts, talents or potentials are just like the salt, sugar or flour that is settled under the water and you need to stir it up. Stirring will require some effort from you. It requires your effort to take spoon or whatever you want to use to stir with, put it into the water and turn it round until all the water is saturated with it. One thing you must not forget is that the thing or what you yearn for and hunger to do, you have the ability to it if you will. Or rather, the things or the thing that can make you successful is inside of you. E. W Kenyon said “The you in you is the one that wins”.
There are four most important things you should do in order to stir up the gift(s) in you.
i. Know that you have a gift(s):
There is no one on earth without a gift. Your knowledge of the gift in you will always make you restless until you achieve what you want to achieve. You are here on earth on an assignment and that gift(s) in you is what will make you to successfully accomplish that assignment.
ii. Do something:
Many people think that the success they desire will only come naturally without doing something with their gift(s). This is a lazy man’s philosophy. When you wait for something to come to you, the only thing that will come is failure. The Bible when describing the activities of Jesus stated that “…of all that Jesus began both to do and teach” (Acts 1:1). So, Jesus began by doing something, and this statement changed my own philosophy of life too.
Set a price on yourself, your time and your gift. It is whatever your hands do that God will bless. Even when you do fear the Lord, it is still the labour of your hands that you will eat (Psalms 128:1-2). And, in every labour there is profit (Proverbs 14:23). So, if you don’t labour, which profit will you make? Paul admonished the Ephesians’ church to labour (Ephesians 4:28). Now, even the service of God is called the labour of love (1 Thess 1:3, Heb 6:10). In other words, a lazy man cannot serve God effectively. Don’t sit down but do something with that gift and you will make profit. If you sit down and do nothing expect nothing in return. God has blessed you with gifts and talents, but it takes doing something with them to reach perfection. For instance, a musician knows that he has to exercise himself as often as possible in order to reach perfection. Exercise is the key to perfection with your gifts and talents.

iii. Don’t be afraid:
Fear is what has made so many talented people to be failures in life. Fear is the most important tool of the devil. Fear is the belief that the badness of the devil will overpower the goodness of God. Fear gives the devil opportunity to take away your possession from you. A clear example of this is the case of Job in the Bible. After his possessions was destroyed by satan, he confessed that what he constantly fear has suddenly come upon him (Job 3:25). This shows that there was fear in Job before that incident that happened to him.
Gifts and talents could be wasted because of fear. People that are afraid of failure, keeps imagining what will happen should they fail or what people may say about them. These classes of people do not try anything new. While some people after they might have tried and failed for the first time, will not try again because they are afraid of failure again. You should know that great men are not super stars who do not fail at all, but are people who have failed before and even woefully. Yet, they are people who always have the guts to begin again, or, they kept trying until they achieve success. Learn from these peoples’ experiences and refuse to give in to fear. E. W. Kenyon said “Fear should be a memory thing to be forgotten”. There is enough power and sound mind in you to make you succeed. “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power and sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7). Some people are afraid of starting something. But my advice to such people is that they should start anyhow they know and work at it until they perfect it. Therefore, choose not to be afraid of failure but see it as an instrument of learning if it ever happens to you.
iv. Face that challenge:
The way to deal with any challenge is to face it squarely. When you encounter challenge, it is not the time for you to feel bad or want people to sympathize with you, but know that challenges are ways that could bring out your real genius. It is in the heat of the fire that gold is turned to its purest state. King David’s ability was discovered by King Saul and all Israel when he faced the giant, Goliath. You must know that it takes a warring spirit to succeed in life. Challenges are meant for your uplifting. Face them squarely and your genius will be seen by all.


1. Deviate from their vision:
There is nothing that takes a genius away from his course or pursuit in life. Geniuses’ eyes are always on the end results no matter how many times they fall, they will never lose sight of the end. A genius’ vision keeps driving him to accomplishment. He knows where he is going, what he wants and how to get it. This is why nothing can deviate him from that course.
2. Allow anyone to manipulate them:
Geniuses know that if anything happens to their vision it will affect them and nobody else. So they guard their vision jealously. They don’t allow anyone to manipulate them and or cause them to shift focusing on their goals. They know that their vision is their future and nothing external distracts them. It is stated about Jesus (the greatest of all geniuses) that; “…for the joy that was set before him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God” (Hebrews 12:2). It was the joy of sitting at the position of authority that Jesus saw and He didn’t allow the cross or the shame to be a distraction to Him. All geniuses know that the most foolish thing to do is to allow anyone to manipulate them to forget their vision.
3. Have self-pity:
When geniuses fail in their ventures, they don’t sit down and sob over it. Rather, they always bounce back into action. They realise that failure is not final and can never be fatal as long as they are still living. They are men of strong will who always believe that if it is not now, it certainly will be later. But they never pity themselves or allow anyone else to pity them. They always face the shame of recovery alone. Whether people laugh at them or ridicule them, it does not matter to them. What is paramount in their hearts is the destination. For example, Abraham Lincoln, the onetime President of America was said to have failed twelve times in twenty-nine years in different endeavours before he emerged as the executive President of the USA. What gave him the courage of trying again and again in spite of all these record of failures? It certainly was not self-pity or sympathy from others. Self-pity or sympathy demoralises one’s spirit, so geniuses don’t entertain any.
4. Give room for complacency:
They know that success is a journey and not a destination. So they don’t feel self- satisfaction, which is self-deception. Complacency simply means not aspiring to do anything more than what one has done. (It is the act of being satisfied with mediocrity). But geniuses don’t give room for mediocrity. Therefore, they always have or develop higher vision, dreams, goals and expectations. This gives them energy to do more than the usual.
5. Lack discipline:
Geniuses are very much aware that success demands discipline. They know that discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. The foundation upon which all successes are built is discipline. They are also aware that talents or gifts alone do not produced success or their future dream, but discipline plays major role. I was particularly fascinated about the story of Jose Feliciano who gave the world the popular song “Feliz Navidad”. He was born blind in Puorto Rico and as he grew older, he found an old piece of guitar and practiced night and day. Sometimes his fingers would bleed but he kept on through discipline and a dint of hard work, he became one of the world’s successful musicians. He wrote the song we always sing at Christmas “Feliz Navidad”. Geniuses are much disciplined and stand for it. They make conscious effort to discipline themselves at all times.
6. Lack preparation:
Someone said “success is preparation that meets opportunity”. Geniuses know that success has a price. One must play his part by getting the necessary training and work very hard at it. So they make sure that they make adequate preparation well ahead of time. Prayerful preparation prevents poor performance. This could well be the motto of every genius. What you will become tomorrow is the result of your preparation today.
7. Indulge in bad habits:
This means the act of gratifying a desire. The flesh always desires pleasure and when you give it an opportunity, it can put you under (Proverbs 24:30-34). Many businesses and dreams have failed because of the gratification of the flesh with women, alcohol, narcotics, etc. and they lead to unbudgeted expenses. Proverbs 13:15 says “Good understanding gives favour but the way of transgressors is hard”. The love of pleasure robs men of the power of reasoning and it is always addictive. Therefore, geniuses run away from indulging themselves with bad habits.
8. Give room for laziness:
A wise man said “Footprints on the sands of time are not made by sitting down”. All geniuses know that as long as they want to remain in their position, they can’t afford the luxury of laziness. It is a taboo for a lazy man to succeed in life. The Bible says “The desire of the lazy man puts him to death, for his hands refuse to work” (Proverbs 21:25). Therefore, geniuses are people who hate laziness with a passion.

9. Have uncontrolled sexual drives:
Geniuses know that when a person becomes a victim of his weakness, he is a foolish person. Sexual drive that is not controlled has put so many talented and gifted people down, e.g., Samson and Solomon in the Bible. There is the story of a school girl who met a man on the road and he gave her some money with his complementary card. This girl later traced this man’s address and met him. He then subjected her to lick his penis which was full of sores. This lady later died of an unknown terrible disease. Uncontrolled sexual drive couple with the love of money wasted that lady’s life. Her gifts and talents were buried without utilization. This is a tragedy. Therefore, geniuses always reject the temptation of uncontrolled sexual drive.
10. Like bad association:
Geniuses know that bad association will hinder their achievement in one way or the other and they avoid them as a plaque. You cannot undermine the power of association. Families have battled their children from other children with bad characters. This is because evil communication corrupt good manners (1 Corinth 15:33). No association will always be neutral. There is an adage which says “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. This is serious statement to a genius, because he knows that his friend is a direct reflection of who he is. So, people with bad habits such as; drunks, womanizers, drug addicts, thieves, etc are not welcomed as friends to a genius.

11. Do too many things at once:
Geniuses know their area of advantage and make sure that they maximize it. They are aware that anyone who starts doing so many things at the same time always ends up in confusion and frustration. They look out for their area of strength and give it maximum priority.
12. Procrastinate:
They don’t defer decision and work. They always hold the truth that what is worth doing is worth doing now and not tomorrow. They have inner strength that always drives them to accomplishment. They develop self-motivation strategies that put them to work always, so they hate procrastination.
13. Take action without planning:
Even though they hate procrastination, yet, they don’t take any action without proper planning. They hold the fact that proper planning prevents poor performance. They always take their time to plan to the minutest detail before the execution of anything. Planning is the arrangement of facts to achieve a productive goal. Proper planning insures better results. To avoid wastage, geniuses always take precious time to think and plan. The time to think and plan is not a wasted time; it can be added to your work time. This is because “your life will always move in the direction of your thought” says Mike Murdock. And David oyedepo says “Every star is known to be a thinker and every committed thinker is bound to be a star”. This is why geniuses always take time to think and plan and that is why they are stars.
14. Allow people’s opinion of them to hinder their progress in life:
Geniuses know that when you are making progress, people must express their opinions, oppose you and even confuse you. People’s opinions are statements carefully design to make others think and act along certain lines. These thoughts can be positive or negative depending on the circumstances. However, geniuses face negative public opinions most of the time. Negative public opinion is expressed by statements that are said about someone who is misunderstood. Whether negative public opinion or opposition, geniuses are not deterred by them. Opposition too can come from your mind. How you relate to it will also matter how far you can go in life. Vincent Van Gogh said “If you hear a voice within you saying you are not a painter, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced”. The change you need in life will not come on a platter of gold. You have to put enough energy into your dream and you will be somewhere better than where you are right now.

This is one characteristic that is very prominent and essential in the life of a genius. This is what makes every genius fruitful. It goes without saying that it is what helps every genius to discover who they really are. It is the only thing that gives strength to success. You cannot avoid it as a genius. You have to look at work as one of the inherent blessings of God to mankind; otherwise you will miss the life of being a genius. Work is not a curse as many people are meant to believe. This is because, even before the fall of man in the Garden of Eden there was work. God instituted work; hence He started it by working for six days and rested for only one day- the seventh day. If God can take more days to work and only one day to rest, then what make you think that you will do the reverse and be a genius? We have established the truth that your essence is God and His gene is in you. That is what makes you a genius. Now, you can see that God is a worker, and then the gene of work is in you. Don’t accept anything less than that. Work is actually God’s tool to make geniuses productive and fruitful. He set work in place for the purpose of calling forth all that He deposited in man. Isn’t that awesome? So, work brings out the gifts and talents in you to be shown to the world. You must love work to the point that you won’t mind if you are not paid for doing it at any time. Jesus came to show mankind the example of living the genius’ life and what characterized Him was work. Hear what He said, “I must work the work of Him who sent me while it is day…” (John 9:4) and “My father worked, hitherto I work” (John 5:17). The only thing that will make you rise to an enviable position in life is work. No matter what you are passing through, if you can embrace this truth, then the changes you have been yearning for have began in your life. The story was told about two men who lost every of their life savings to a bank’s catastrophe; the other on reading the news in the daily, became troubled and was very worried to the point that he became despondent. But the second man read the same news, quietly and firmly said, “Well, all is gone, no trouble or worry will bring it back, but hard work will”. He then went to work with a renewed vigour and rapidly became prosperous again. This goes further to explain the law that says, “Whatever a man sows that also shall he reap” (Gal 9:7). You cannot deny it or cheat it; neither will you escape it as a genius. Therefore, it is work! Work!! Work!!! That makes the difference.
This is one character that cuts across all geniuses. It is a very outstanding principle that you must adopt if you must go forward and impact your generation positively. You have to believe in yourself, your abilities and your strength of will. Believe that you too can do anything that you set your mind on. Most times, the reason why people are where they are in life is because they have shut themselves up in a little darkroom and hold tenaciously to the belief that there is no light anywhere, but light is everywhere, except in their own little darkroom. It is always easily believed that one famous person with starling qualities is gifted and talented. But what is not easily believed by most people is that they are gifted or talented as well.
The day you look inward and discover something in you, believe it and drive it to commercial value, you too will be celebrated and called a genius. God has given every person equal material to work with – the earth. Buried in the earth are all the raw materials for aeroplanes, automobiles, rockets, electronics, and electrical, etc. People have to discover it. Had they not believed in themselves, these things would have remained elusive. The reason why you see yourself as someone who has no capacity to achieve anything in life is because of the way you think of yourself (Proverbs 23:7).
This simply means centre of interest. Geniuses are people, who after they have discovered something, they put all their interest in it until they achieve their goals. They may be faced with great problem(s) but they never bowed out. We see this character in God. The Bible says, “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made; and God rested…” (Genesis 2:1-2). God did not rest until He finished His work. That is focus. He put all His thought and energy into His work. Whatever you put your thought and energy into it without being distracted is focus. You cannot rise in anything you do without being focus. A folktale was told about Tortoise and Dog in a race contest. That Mr. Tortoise challenged Mr Dog to a race. The dog laughed at the tortoise because it considered tortoise to be slow. However, with the insistence from tortoise the dog finally accepted the challenged. So, a day was set for the race. On the eve of the set day, tortoise organised well cooked meat bones and placed them strategically at intervals on the race course. Then, on the day, all the animals gathered to watch the race between tortoise and dog. As the race started, took off with great speed as he could run very fast. But on reaching the point where tortoise had placed the meat bones, he sensed a very scintillating aroma and said to himself “I must eat this meat bones before this slow tortoise catch up with me, I must have finished it and continue with the race”. And that was how Mr. Dog kept doing at all the intervals where the meat bones were placed on the race course. He didn’t know when Mr. Tortoise passed him. All of a sudden, he heard cheers from other animals that Mr. Tortoise has won the race.
The lesson here is that, in spite of Mr. Dog’s potentials, abilities and speed, Mr. Tortoise outwitted him by placing those aromatic meat bones on the race course which made Mr. Dog to lose focus and the race was won by Mr. Tortoise.
When you are not focused, you will not reach your goal. Habakkuk 2:2-3 says “Write the vision and make it plain upon tables…but at the end it shall speak…” This shows that every vision speaks at the end. But what will make it speak and receives cheers from other people just like the Tortoise received cheers from other animals is focus. If you lose focus, no matter how gifted and talented you are, you will be overtaken by someone who may not be very gifted but maintained focus. Therefore, geniuses may not necessary be the most gifted or talented, but they always maintained focus at whatever they do.
This entails giving attention to a single course. It is to pledge oneself to a certain course of activity. Geniuses are people who are committed to their course and push themselves to doing what is needed regardless of their mood and pains. They put everything else aside and faced the most important priority or goal. They give all that they have for their course with a single mind or rapt attention. They become very much involved in their course, spirit, soul and body; this is commitment.
This is being brave enough to do ones convictions. Geniuses have a firm, stable and well articulated mind which always give them assurance of realising their goals. They always have audacity and courage by telling themselves “Yes I can” even if everyone around them is a pessimist. They withstand every danger and hardship in order to achieve their goals. This is courage.
This is continuing long enough in a habit or course of action in spite of all the odds that may be against you. This is one big character of all geniuses. Check out the dossiers of all geniuses and you can be sure to find this very character called “Persistence”. This entails much patience and self-discipline but it does pay at last. Geniuses believe that there is no short cut to true success. They always ignore the pain in every circumstance against them by holding on till they get the prize. You have to persevere or persist long enough. Take the heat, take the risk but don’t quit even if all the chips are down. This does not mean that there will be no mistakes along the way, but it does mean that whatever mistakes geniuses make, they are able to put it behind them and push forward. Persistence is the thick skin that can withstand every weather--mistakes, rejections, failures, etc, until success is attained by a genius.



The person you look up to and cherish as a genius just observes to do some things that make him to rise to that enviable position. You too can equally do these things if you will only make up your mind and soon you will be seen as a genius. The force of strength and weakness lies inside every person and every one’s progress in life is totally dependent on the usage of either of these two forces. When you know what these so-called ‘geniuses’ do and you equally and orderly advance yourself to do the same, you will also be walking on the same path with geniuses. The heart that desire anything and go all out for it, it is only a matter of time, and it must surely get it. Jesus summed it up by saying “nothing shall be impossible to him who believes”.
So, what are some of the characteristics of a genius?

When I look into the future, it’s so bright, it burns
My eyes
Oprah Winfrey.
Vision is your picture of your future. The picture that you paint in your mind is likely to be fulfilled. There is nothing that will become a reality in your life until your mind process and accommodate it. This is because your mind is the drawing board of your tomorrow’s circumstances. Every genius is a visionary. Yes, they always have the picture of what they want to be in life. That picture keeps propelling them to be where they are. When you develop a picture in your mind of who you want to be in life, then in a short time you will be seen and equally be called a genius. Therefore, a vision is the power of seeing the future of who you want to be. It can equally be said to be the picture of the real you in your mind.
But the problem with so many people is that they have painted a negative picture of themselves in their own minds. Such pictures as: I will never do well; there had never been a time that I have done something good; I am unlucky; nothing has ever worked well in my family; what is happening to me is hereditary; my family is poor; I have no one to help me; I have no education; the government does not help the poor and disadvantaged; some people are destined to rich while some are destined to be poor; the list could be endless. Most people have a picture of themselves that is so narrow and shallow and bear no resemblance of who they really are or can be. Many see how success is and concluded that it will be good for others, but for them, they will rather protest, “me? No way!”
The battles of life are lost or won in the mind. Until every negative picture that you have of yourself is changed, you will continue in the same place and position and at worse go downward. Not until you change that picture and recognize your true abilities, gifts and talents, you are likely to stagnate or even fall bellow your present level. I am taking time on vision because it is the foundation on which other characters of genius are built upon.
Wealth is not what you see physically, but it is what you have on your inside. This is why the Bible says “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). Develop a picture of who you want to be and have faith to achieve that picture in your mind then you will be there someday. Your ability to see things correctly with your mind’s eyes will produce abundance in your life. You may be disadvantaged today but with the right picture in your mind you will be advantaged tomorrow. The right ingredient is vision.
A father met his son who was playing with mates and told him “Go and wait for me at home, I will come and send you somewhere”. Instead of the son doing exactly as his father had commanded, he supposed that he know the message and he left to attend to the message straight away. The question then is: where will the son be going and what will be the message? This is how the archer who shoots anywhere will shoot anything. Anyone who has a vision without a goal shoots anyhow.
Geniuses are people who have goals, and strictly follow these goals to a logical conclusion. Goals are aims or targets. For example, players of football on the field of play have an aim or target, which is the goal post. When you have a vision then you must develop a goal and your goal must be definitive. People who don’t have goals are working aimlessly. Someone once said that when you see about a hundred people walking down the road, only about five percent of them actually know where they are going to. This is indeed a serious statement. This shows that only the five percent of all these people have goals. You have to place yourself among the five percent who do actually know where they are going. Set goals for yourself and pursue them to logical conclusion.
Decision is defined as a choice between alternatives. In this case, there are two alternatives every man on earth chooses from – success or failure. Be sure you know the difference. Every genius you see is a person who makes the decision to succeed no matter the odds against him. Your decision will determine the impact you make in life. You have to stand for something in order to avoid falling for anything. To arrive at your destiny you must make a quality decision.
Determination is the firm intention or the strength of will. This can also mean drive. This is doing all that should be done to accomplish your vision in life. This is making the best of what you have with great zeal or inner drive for achieving your desire with greater advantages, while overlooking any odd that might be against you. Determination is that driving force that creates performance.

Not only are you the product of your thought but also the product of what you know. The Bible says “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32). Knowledge will give you access to your desired destination in life. Between where you are today and where you want to be might just be information or a revelation. So many people want a change either in their status, economy, marriage situation or the environment in which they live. They keep complaining ‘I need a change’. But change does not come by complaining, crying or wearing a sad and wrinkle face. Change only come via what you know. It is knowledge that can terminate all bondages and grant you exit from undesirable or unfavourable life situations. It was the knowledge of the interpretation of dreams that brought Joseph out of the prison to the palace. For instance, if you have knowledge that you are a genius; and that you are made in the image and likeness of God, and since God is a genius then you are the seed of a genius, and that makes you a genius. Being ignorant of this basic truth will make you see genius as exclusively the rights of others who are termed ‘achievers’. In turn, you will look at God as being partial and that’s why your own is different as you conclude about yourself as being disadvantaged. You see, ignorance is very costly; this is because it destroys easily.
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…
Hosea 4:6
Many gifted people have died poor because of ignorance. That is why the importance of knowledge can never be overemphasized. Knowledge is very crucial to any discovery. Most times, it is ignorance that stagnate people. But knowledge is power when used. Your reading this book and applying the principles will turn you into the genius whom you thought before now, belong to some ‘special’ class of individuals. Go for knowledge. It is the revelation that you have that will bring about your transformation in life. The distance between you and your destiny is revelation which is actually gotten through knowledge. That is why you are the product of what you know. You can’t know something and still be ignorant of it. Mike Murduck said “The difference between knowledge and ignorance is information”. You can even lose what you have if you don’t know why you have it.
You cannot become a treasure to your world until everything that makes you a nobody is changed and it will not change just like that until you know what and what that is needed to be changed and then you move to change it consciously. David oyedepo says “Any faith that makes God absolutely responsible for where you are is an irresponsible faith”. The greatest tragedy in life is that most people wait for things to change on their own accord. Yet, day after day, month after month, year after year, they still see that things are just the same with them, so they adapt the theory that “whatever would be would be”. That is indeed a mind delusion because things don’t change, people change things. I believe that the proponent of that saying is the elder brother of lazy people. For instance, there is a story in the Holy Bible about the son of a Prophet who died and left a huge debt for his family (you can read that in 2 Kings 4:1-7). This son of the prophet was ignorant of the fact that he was a Prophet himself. Every son of the Prophet is a Prophet with the potential to command things to happen. He was also ignorant of the position of Elisha as the Senior Prophet who could give him direction when in trouble, so he lived and died as a borrower. And the funny thing is that, people have a way of tagging a name to you by what you do. That is why you have to be careful of what you do else it becomes your name. Just as people’s names are changed to what controls them. Someone who smokes becomes a smoker, someone who womanizes becomes a womanizer, someone who murders becomes a murderer, someone who robs becomes a robber, someone who is drunk becomes a drunker, and those that preach becomes a preacher, someone who practices law becomes a lawyer, etc. It is amazing to know that whatever controls a person; he or she can be known and called by it whether it is good or bad. So, you can choose what you want to be known for and called by. The choice is yours. The son of the Prophet died as a borrower because he borrowed and couldn’t pay back. What a pity! He had a senior Prophet who could have helped him out, but he didn’t know it and he died as a poor Prophet. Yet, after his demised, the wife was bailed from her husband’s debt based on what they had in the house – a cruz of oil. This, the son of the Prophet didn’t know or may be, if he knew, he might have termed it “insignificant”. That is how many people are living today. They are not satisfied with the life they are living and are ignorant of what they have inside them. So many people may know that they have something – a gift inside them, but they termed it “insignificant”. They are rather looking at what another person is doing and want to do the same thing just to be like him. That is a borrowed life and you can only be second best.
Knowledge therefore, is very fundamental to any change you desire. When you know who you are, you will flourish anywhere, because a greater percentage of people are looking for direction while only few discover the way. When you have the requisite knowledge of who you are and take the necessary steps, you will be like a cocoyam that grows anywhere it finds itself. Wherever you are thrown like the cocoyam, you will germinate, no matter your background, no matter the circumstances you find yourself, you will still flourish. Whether witches and wizards form the bulk of your family, you will still flourish like the cocoyam. Henry Ford, a onetime richest man in the world was asked “What will happen if all your investment crumble in a moment?” and he answered “If everything I have is taken away or destroyed in one day and my knowledge is intact, in less than five years I will gather everything back”. Henry Ford knew that true riches are not the physical things that a man has, but true riches are in the level of knowledge a man has. That was the secret of Job in the bible too. Job knew that his redeemer lives (Job 19:25). So, he had the courage to wait till the end and his change came. When you have the knowledge of yourself, you will flourish anywhere and should everything that you have is destroyed, yet, you will have everything back in a matter of time. So, go for knowledge, pay the price, and acquire it.
You are what you know!


One of the greatest tragedies that have happened to the human race is the erroneous belief that some people are born great; therefore they are geniuses. This is being paraded so much so that even governments and institutions would go as far as establishing Schools for the gifted children. This erroneous belief has ‘mimed’ or ‘killed’ gifts and talents in so many people and many ended up looking at themselves as “not good enough” hence more gifts and talents are wasted.
This unfortunate trend in our society has made people experience more hopelessness, fear, doubt and anxiety. This is indeed a great threat to human existence. This has made many people to lock up the gifts and talents in them.
But I have good news for you that are reading this book at this time. In case you have been affected negatively by believing that you are not as good as the so-called paraded “geniuses”, keep reading with a clear mind. As you assimilate its content and then practice what you read, you will gradually discover that you have believed a lie. And you will throw away that erroneous belief and then a “new you” that is, the genius which you really are, will soon emerge.
First, do not doubt my ardent claim that you are indeed a genius. Most major religions of the world agree that man originated from God. That goes to show that God made man out of His essence. Since God is a creator and if you are made out of His essence then you are a creator too. For instance, the Holy Bible teaches us that God made man in His image and likeness. And that the purpose of God for making man on earth is to have dominion over everything He created. He (God) then imbued man with His attributes in order to accomplish this task. What God wants is that, He is the supreme king of the heavens and earth while man should be the king over the earth. He wants man to be a ‘god’ on the earth. As He is the God of excellence in His creation and work, so also man should excel in everything he does on earth.
Therefore, you are born with a package of wonderful gifts and talents beyond your own imagination so as to excel on the earth. You are born a genius. Believe it! As long as you have the nature of God Almighty in you, then you are a genius.
But I must warn here that the greatest tragedy with reading this book will be to know this truth and then do nothing about it. This is so because every truth that you know is supposed to set you free. What has held you bound before now was ignorance of this truth which you will discover in this book. It is ignorance that had made you to believe that some people are born genius but not you. Of course, ignorance is also in levels. May be your own level is that you know that you are gifted but not to the level of a genius. I encourage you to read this book and then observe to do what you read then you will agree with me that God has really imbued you as a genius too. Before you were born, God knew you and put in you all that you can use to make your life count. As a matter of truth, start building in your mind and all your systems that nobody is born a genius as much as you are.

Also, I have taken time to expand some points in this reprinted edition so as to drive this truth into you by a robust explanations and additions-all aimed at making that genius in you to start speaking. If after reading this book and you are not challenged to do something worthwhile with your life then give it to someone else. It is not written for you.
However, read on


If there is anything at all that I want you to believe is the truth that you are a genius. If it were possible to open up your head and place this truth in your mind, it would have been nice. And since that can only be possible through the reading and assimilating this book, then you have to read, and believe this truth and the change will begin in your life. I am saying this with confidence because it is written in the Holy Bible that you are born to dominate your world and anything short of that is placing you in a lower class of the ‘god’ which you really are.
And God said, Let us make man in our image,
after our likeness: and let them have dominion…
Genesis 1: 26

Sit down and think through about yourself and you will discover that you possess certain gifts and talents like every other person. It is through these gifts and talents that you possess that are termed ‘genius’ when you work with them.
The word ‘genius’ is commonly understood by people as someone with starling abilities. These starlings, special or exceptional abilities are believed to be the exclusive possessions of some few individuals. The word ‘genius’ is often used when looking critically into the contributions and achievements of certain outstanding people. Even in schools, when a child is very brilliant, you would often hear people saying that such a child is a genius. This is wrong and a product of mind delusion.
Genius is an endowment from God to every human being on earth. That means that everyone on earth is a genius and possesses the gene of God. This is so because the word genius is a derivative from the word ‘gene’ or ‘genetic’. You often hear people saying that that child looks like his father because he carries the gene if his father. Therefore, since every human being comes from God, then there is the gene of God in everyone, which makes everyone a genius. Whether you are old, young, black, white, coloured, or of any race at all, you are from God and you carry His gene. That makes you a genius. The only difference is that everyone is imbued with distinct genius traits that makes for uniqueness yet, complementary for the purpose of harmony in the world. Your own gifts or talents may be in the area of preaching, music, sports, speech making, intelligence, organisation, inventiveness, courage, insight, career development, mason, counselling, cooking, etc. There is no person in this whole wide world created by God Almighty that is meant for the dunghill. Everyone possesses some starling qualities, abilities, gifts or talents that can take him to the highest position in life, to be seen and called a celebrity. These are the people that are termed ‘genius’ and you are one of them.

A person may shut himself up in a darkroom and hold to the fact that, there is no light anywhere, but it is everywhere with the exception of his own little darkroom. Just like a disobedient child refuses to learn his or her lesson at school and went on to say that the lesson was not taught or that no one in class understood the teacher, but it was only him or her who remained without understanding because he or she refused to learn the lesson. That is how it is very possible to learn that you are a genius yet, it also depends on your ability to believe this truth, or else you remain in perpetual darkness, and suffer continually in the valley of ignorance.
It is easier to believe that a famous person that you already know very well is gifted or talented because he or she exhibits some starling qualities that you cherish so very much. But what is not so very easy to believe for most people is for them to accept the truth that they are equally gifted as well. What you need to understand and believe is that; God is not a respecter of any man (Acts 10:34). The Bible also says that the gifts and calling of God are without repentance (Romans 11:29). It also says that He divides gifts and abilities to every man severally as He wills (1 Corinth 12:11). It therefore means that God gives gifts to everyone including you that is reading this book. What it also means is that those qualities that are attributed to a genius are equally inherent in you. The only difference between you and the person who is seen as a genius is that that person has looked inside him and has seen something which can be driven to commercial value and you have not seen yours yet. But the day that you start looking inward and begin to see something in you and you are able to drive it to commercial value, you too will be seen and called a genius. One profound statement that I will like to tell you is that you should quit looking at the geniuses that are outside you and start looking at the genius that is inside you. Jesus said;
When men shall say Lo here, or Lo there,
go not after them; the kingdom of God
is within you.
Luke 17:21
I like you to believe this statement of Jesus with the mind that is not shadowed by doubt and begin to search inward for those gifts that are inside you that makes you a genius. Yes, they are there! And the truth is that your genius will continue to live inside of you until you recognize it, develop it and utilize it. It will remain inside of you unexposed, untapped, hidden, dormant, and obscure; it will not fly away or go to someone else. It will remain in you not transferred until you die and be buried with it. That will be a tragedy for you to die with such gifts (genius) in you not being utilized.
God gave everyone equal materials with which to work with on the earth. God knows that man will also find satisfaction by making progress on the earth that was why He didn’t create the aeroplanes, automobiles, electronics, houses, skyscrapers, etc for man. But He only created the raw materials and put them in the earth. People like you used their brains and made these things from the original raw materials created by God. You too have equal amount of brain cells like every other person in this world. God didn’t create a super star or someone with two heads or double brains. That may be the qualities you attributes to the genius you see, and you now see yourself as not being one because of the way you think and feel about yourself. The Holy Bible says “as a man thinks so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). And what you are, so is your world. It matters very little what is outside you, because the outside is the reflection of your state of mind. From now on, start thinking and believing that you are a genius with all the qualities you think a genius should possess, and then you are what you think you are. After all, if you have God on your inside then it means that you have the greatest genius on your inside. God is a genius. And your essence is God. Then the truth is that you are a genius.
I know that this pathway looks very barren at the first appearance because truth always does; it is only error and delusion that are at first inviting and fascinating. But if you will undertake to walk on this barren path today and discipline your mind and eradicate all your weaknesses, then you will be astonished at the wonderful changes you will experience shortly in your life.
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