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stefan kahr

Testing and TCKs  - 
Hi, i need your help. I have Tons of line with this code: logger.Info("xxxxxx");
Now I want to replace with Eclipse and RegEx to get something like this: if (logger.isinfoenabled()){ logger.Info("xxxx")}

What would be the right RegEx command?
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+stefan kahr without to question your solution, if the problem is the string concatenation, I would try to wrap / decorate the logger or maybe use a StringBuilder. However the la solution need probably too much refactor. In both cases you would avoid an if sentence all over the code for each log call

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Custom Role Mapping Provider in Weblogic
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Spring Cloud Brixton.RC1 introduces stateful patterns, better telemetry for Java microservices on Spring Boot 1.3 -  NetflixOSS Atlas, Zookeeper, Consul, Zipkin, and Spring Cloud Stream support
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Do you use or appreciate Spring MVC?
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New post about #CDI SPI
CDI users ask me very often why they should adopt CDI and stop using their old framework of way of doing their developments. The answer to this question can be found in advanced CDI stuff: extension mechanism and CDI SPI. Yes, CDI true killing feature is not accessible out of the box and you ...
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Reactor 2.5: A second generation reactive foundation for the JVM by  Stéphane Maldini
<h2><a href="#entering-reactive-streams-era" class="anchor" name="entering-reactive-streams-era"></a>Entering Reactive Streams Era</h2> <p>Reactor 2.0 development started by the end of 2014, around the same time as <a href="">Reactive Streams</a>. We were keen on joining the effort and early adopt a <a href="">backpressure protocol</a> to mitigate our main message-...
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Olivier Sips (memorynotfound)

Frontend Technologies  - 

This tutorial shows how to debug #JSF Lifecycle with a custom DebugPhaseListener. The first place that most developers check for information about where issues are occurring is the application logs. As you are debugging JSF life cycles it can be quite difficult to see in your logs in what phase the errors are occurring. We will show you how you can add some debug information to your logs about the current life cycle events of JSF.
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