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1. Respect and Etiquette

Be curteous to your fellow RPers and try not to disrupt the RP as much as possible. If you'd like to discuss something concerning the RP it's preferred to do so through private messages, or in a sepparate, discussion and planning thread if one is available. Posting OOC within an RP is fine, but try to keep it to a minimum, or as part of your IC post. If you plan on leaving an RP for whatever reason, please have the common courtesy to write yourself out of it, in character. This is important because if you didn't, anyone who had been interracting with you would be stuck because you failed to give them a reason, in character, to progress without you.

2. No Godmoding or Metagaming

This is regarded as the ultimate low in RPing and is not only disrespectful, but is also unfair. Godmoding could entail either an RPer controlling other people's characters without permission, performing closed ended attacks or creating a character that is seemingly invincible. People are usually unaware of when they are godmodding, so veterans or staff will usually inform the godmodder of their activities in an attempt to bring it to light. If they continue, they will be verbally warned and if it continues after that, their warn bar will be raised until the point has gotten across.

Metagaming, while similar, is a bit different. When someone metagames, they are reacting to events and characters using out of character knowledge. An example would be knowing another character's name despite your character never having met them or having any prior knowledge about them. Another example would be knowing the enemy's next move by reading it in a post the owner of said enemy character has made. These are things that you are not supposed to know in character, therefore, these things should not affect the way you RP and should have no bearing on your character's actions because they do not have any knowledge of these things. Similarly to godmodding, this will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with accordingly.

3. Basic English is Your Friend

Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation are a very important part of RPing, not only as a way of better describing and communicating to other people your intentions in a post, but also as a way of improving your language skills. RPing can be a fun and educational exercise and all we ask is that people glance over their posts and make sure they're clearly legible before making the post.

That is All!

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((open rp))
*It was a crisp afternoon,the gentle sway of the wind bringing about the rustle of the tress. There wasn't much activity in the city which is rather common around this time of the year. There was the occasional person walking through the streets,of to their homes presumably or some form of service. The day was Sunday and in the last few days of the month August something happened. A figure appeared in this world from a place unknown.Well maybe appear is the wrong word and instead something has returned to this world after a few centuries of being absent in this world.
It all started with a almost freezing gust of wind which made not only the woods creak loudly through the force of the wind but also a few buildings. Naturally the few people that were patrolling the streets rushed to some form of cover in hopes that the wind would pass soon. It wasn't until a few minutes passed that the wind moved onward. However it didn't leave the city untouched,bringing in its absents dark and threatening clouds,which loomed over the surrounding land.
With a large crack,lightning shot through the sky pelleting a nearby park with an almost never ending stream of lightning. This of course started a fire,which was quickly killed by monsoon like rain. This attack on the earth's grounds lasted the rest of the afternoon and slowly faded by nightfall,once again leaving behind something in the destroyed forest.
Amongst the ruined park,in a burned down clearing laid a figure. The figure had red hair and crimson eyes, one of them completely red. . His face was rather pale and on his almost snow like, the left half of his, face was more deformed. The skin of his neck and left arm also received the deformed appearance. The boy was motionless, almost dead if it weren't for a faint heartbeat.*
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Yuki was walking around bored and outside as she hummed someone walked up to her...they then

Open RolePlay!

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Name: Fukase Satoshi

Nickname: None

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Age: unknown

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 60.8 kg

Gender: male

Eyes: crimson red. one of the eyes is completely red.

Hair: red

Species: hybrid human/demon

Occupation: child of a noble family

Personality Traits: creepy and cold but shows a sweet side to the person he likes.

Likes: video games, talking to ghosts and capturing female humans.

Dislikes: humans and the outdoors.

Bio: his parents were murdered and he was sacrificed in a ritual. unfortunately, the ritual went wrong and he turned into a demon with a cursed eye instead. he has a doll collection which is actually consisted of female humans who are either mentally broken down or dead.
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walking down slowly and hurt badly but my eye a lifeless dark purple and I had just came back from a huge war...and fell to the ground in the water and you saw me and jumped in the water and picked me up and brought me to your place as I was not speaking and my eyes lifeless and a bandage on my other eye and blood dripping from it and a metal collar around my neck..and a bandage around my then...

{Open RP}

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Name: Suzuki Fujioka

Nickname: Suki

Hometown: Kanazawa, Japan

Age: 20

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 100 lbs

Gender: Female

Eyes: Red in human form, Gold in Devil/Demon form

Hair: White

Species: Half Human, Half Demon

Occupation: Works at a little cafe

Personality Traits:

Likes: Playing video games and coffee

Dislikes: Being outside and being in BIG crowds

Bio: Unknown Sadly
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Name: Skye Kaja

Nickname: The Demon Titan

Hometown: "Hometown" (from AoT)

Age: 23

Height: 192 cm (Bertolt Hoover Height)

Weight: Unclassified

Gender: Male

Eyes: Blue/Purple

Hair: Purple/Silver

Species: Neko/Human/Titan Shifter

Occupation: None

Personality Traits: Determined, Strong, Selfless

Likes: Everything but Mindless Titans

Dislikes: Mindless Titans

Bio: Unknown... Only known as a former mindless titan that roamed for over 1000 years
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Thanks for the invite

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thanks for the invite
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