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Name: Ariel Prime
Personalities: kind, loving, caring, sweet, brave, smart, and is honest
Race: cybertronian
Gender : femme
Favorite food : pizza and ice cream
History : she is the daughter of Optimas Prime. She had a son, Darkmus dragon prime, and a friend, Ekotty Prime. They hangout a lot.
Pastimes: cooking, art, music, cleaning and eating.
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i'm here
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Th~\\\ thank quwu~ Steeljaw~chan for making the owner with you buwut~~ I don't know if I can do it "///"

"Thx for the invite."

Hmm.... I wonder what I'd look like as a dragon....

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Name: Ekotty Prime Ragonformers
Food: sweets,Meat,Rice Balls,Taiyaki
Bio: Blue~greenish Fire blast,Scratch,Tail steel,Claw slash
Birth: Was born without wings but somehow can fly and she loves to play and is shy and has feelings towards DarkOptumes Prime and portects others she is nice to people and animals and creature's likes Flowers,Manga,Anime,Hot Springs,Music & Songs,Cute stuffs, and blushes very easily 

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name: darkOptimus dragon prime
gender: Mech
personalty: rageful anger and is a softy deep down some times is like a raging dragon.
optic color: neon red
race: techno organic predacon cybertronian
altmode: dragon with out wings
fave food: raw deer meat and other earth animals
history: born and abandon when his wings were rip off his back when he was just a baby dragon predacon hatchling , and went in so many pain growing up he also became a prime from primus and he has the same powers as optimus prime and vowed to protect and make sure no one suffers pain as he did. although he has anger of rage of his dragon mind and he is able to give live birth since he is techno organic and vows revenge on the one who rip off his wings. and his favorite food he loves eating raw meat of deer. also he is is able to be pregnant him self so he has a female lower half since he is a dragon cybertronian that is able to give live birth too some reason he does not know why that can happen to him.

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Part:Guardian of the Core of Cybertron aka a warrior and medic
Weapons:Twin pistols,a wip,and sharp feathers
Personality:Cheerful,Free spirited,Gots a temper
Alt modes:Dodge ram/Dragon
Bio:My father is IronHide.My name was Ironpride up until I sacrificed myself to protect the core of Cybertron aka Primus.When I did this Primus brought me back to life.I than went back to the surface of the planet and helped Alpha Trion.He put all records from I-Acon into my memory banks though they can't be assessed by a cordicle patch.I wonder the Earth watching over all Cybertronians on both sides.I only interfere in their battles if a human is in danger.My best friend is a young child by the name of Red.She has no use of her legs but doesn't care and loves playing video games or hanging with me in a tree

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Name:Kota Lakota
Bio:I can't remember half my life I do remember my marine and MMA training.I love my guns but I mostly can be found hanging in trees or with wolves.I can also change into one.
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I stand on the hill over looking a small town smiling as I watch the people run back and forth
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