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Name: Ariel Prime
Personalities: kind, loving, caring, sweet, brave, smart, and is honest
Race: cybertronian
Gender : femme
Favorite food : pizza and ice cream
History : she is the daughter of Optimas Prime. She had a son, Darkmus dragon prime, and a friend, Ekotty Prime. They hangout a lot.
Pastimes: cooking, art, music, cleaning and eating.
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Name: Rose yuuki
Age: 11-12-13
Gender: female
fairy race: Cait Sith
Username: lostRose
weapon: dark rose rapier, light rose Rapier, dark rose dagger, light rose dagger
Skills: 2x damage in switch with party member, recovering hp when would friends and family and guild members
weakness: lost hp alone, lost recovering alone, weaker attack damage alone, quick but slower when running around,
sword Skills: dark rose bloom(weapon combo hit 13) , dark rose dash(1 weapon one hit with a dash), dark rage, dark mother rose (18 hit weapon combo), light bloom (healing effect), light bloom rose (all around healing effect), light dark switch (doable hit weapon combo), light bloom (single healing overtime on teams meet)
Inventory Capacity: starting gear and weapon
Bio: unknown daughter of Asuna she was young when she started to play SAO she had no mom or dad so Asuna take her in as her own daughter so that she had someone to look up to she lived alone in her house before she was a shy girl and the only reason she had what she had is because she get all her money from her die mom and dad her mom and dad had a unknown killer that killed her mom and dad she had a older sister the help take care of her but her older sister was always working and ever had time to help her much so after a few years her sister had moved away leaving her alone by now she know what she had to do to help herself she was walking alone the dark night working pass the sister/mom Asuna had taken her in as her own little sister/daughter so that she kind help her get stronger in.
Appearance: young, light colored purple eyes, long hair, same high as yui, and wears a lot of dresses
quote: "you can't do this alone you need my help"

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Akito the Exiled: The Siren's Song
{St.Petersburg, Euro Britannia}

Sirens in folklore would use their voices of song to attract men and cause them to wreck their ships to drown in the sea. Even if the men survived, they and their entire families would be driven into madness for all eternity. Inspired by the songstress' power to control those who hear them, a new Geass was formed: The Siren's Song. This geass relies on the wielder's singing voice and those who hear the song can be controlled against their own will.The Siren Geass is a special power not everyone can possess. Most who wielded it used it for evil and threatened the world. For that reason, one who has it can pass the power on to another. This sort of thing happened to a child with a tragic childhood.

Anya was the only child of the royal family in St.Petersburg. Her happy life changed one night when a man murdered her parents. A mysterious young woman saved the princess by giving her the geass. With the new power, the young girl ended the life of the man who took her happiness. Devastated by the overwhelming power, Anya swore to never reveal her past or power until she finds someone she truly trusts deeply. When she received a letter from the same woman who saved her, the girl learned more of her power. Not wanting to deal with officials, she fled the manor without a trace. No one knew what ever became of the family and their beloved daughter. Many of them decided that the entire family was dead, but never knew that Anya was still alive. Meanwhile, Anya was adopted by a lonely couple who also never knew her secret. She learned self-defense and the art of performing. She soon left with a group of girls who traveled to perform for the whole world.

Many years later, one hundred nobles in St.Petersburg had received invitations from Siren Serenade, a performance group known all over the world. There is also a contest: whoever is deemed worthy of the leader's trust in a set of deadly trials will gain her support any way possible. For instance, she can support a side in a war and make sure everyone will follow. Julius Kingsley was sent to St.Petersburg to handle the Euro rebel war. He had received one of the invitations as well. He decided to go to the event to claim the leader's trust. When he arrived at the place, a noble warned him about the leader. Rumor has it that she was given a gift (a powerful voice) by a siren as a child. With the power, the noble claimed, she had killed dozens of men (mostly were nobles). Could this mean this female was using witchcraft or some kind of powerful ability? The rumor did spark his interest. He might find this girl useful to make his foes unable to not accept his proposals for the war. If the claim about her magic was true, she would be a strong advantage to his plan.

At the concert, the group performed for the nobles. They were welcoming the men with their voices and dances. The leader of the group was the main attraction. Her appearance made most of the male nobles in their seats gaze at her in awe: her long black hair, her radiant violet orbs, her pristine complexion, her gypsy-like dancer outfit. Her voice had the nobles sway, mesmerized by her words. She glanced over to the VIP section and noticed a young male whom she had never met before. Since she is still performing and cannot stop yet, she winked at him and smiled. To an ordinary man, he would think she is trying to attract someone, but she was mainly greeting someone.


1. Please have replies at least a paragraph or more (that rule might be adjusted if needed). Have good grammar ans spelling.
2. Please know Akito the Exiled and Code Geass in order to make this roleplay much more enjoyable. I can get you the tools needed for refreshing the memory. Included in this post is a small video on how Julius acts. Please watch it; it will come in handy.
3. I will be roplaying as an OC and a few other characters. I want you to roleplay as Julius, Suzaku, and a few other characters.
4. Yes, the roleplay will be rated 15+ (MA). There will be profanity, blood, alcohol and some other elements mentioned. Don't like? You don't have to comment on this post.
5. Please comment 'eyepatch' so I'll know you have read and understood the stater and rules. No commenting "may i"s and such without the code 'eyepatch'. I'll know if you really know by giving a small quiz of three questions.

These are the most important rules. If you would like to know more requirements, please let me know. But, I think the five rules so far might be the only ones to keep.
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If you were to pick any Pokémon for custom made mascot costume service, tell us in the comments your best suggestion from you.

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i'm here
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"Thx for the invite."

Th~\\\ thank quwu~ Steeljaw~chan for making the owner with you buwut~~ I don't know if I can do it "///"

Hmm.... I wonder what I'd look like as a dragon....

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Name: Ekotty Prime Ragonformers
Food: sweets,Meat,Rice Balls,Taiyaki
Bio: Blue~greenish Fire blast,Scratch,Tail steel,Claw slash
Birth: Was born without wings but somehow can fly and she loves to play and is shy and has feelings towards DarkOptumes Prime and portects others she is nice to people and animals and creature's likes Flowers,Manga,Anime,Hot Springs,Music & Songs,Cute stuffs, and blushes very easily

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name: darkOptimus dragon prime
gender: Mech
personalty: rageful anger and is a softy deep down some times is like a raging dragon.
optic color: neon red
race: techno organic predacon cybertronian
altmode: dragon with out wings
fave food: raw deer meat and other earth animals
history: born and abandon when his wings were rip off his back when he was just a baby dragon predacon hatchling , and went in so many pain growing up he also became a prime from primus and he has the same powers as optimus prime and vowed to protect and make sure no one suffers pain as he did. although he has anger of rage of his dragon mind and he is able to give live birth since he is techno organic and vows revenge on the one who rip off his wings. and his favorite food he loves eating raw meat of deer. also he is is able to be pregnant him self so he has a female lower half since he is a dragon cybertronian that is able to give live birth too some reason he does not know why that can happen to him.
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