My character is Maliki the God of ki
Dbz verse
Bio:He has and infinite source of ki , and he has created the big bang , he has created moons and suns with his ki energy ,he gives everything in the universe it's energy, he has created every ki based attack and he can invent new ones and he only fights those who takes to much ki from the universe
Basically he has been around since the beginning of time so there is not much to his previous story except he helped killed the dinosaurs .

His job: is that if an organism takes to much ki from the universe/dimension he has to kill them or take the ki back and injure but not kill. Has no intrest in killing your oc unless you have to much ki and or its the only way

Age:looks like an early adult and he always looked that way

Traits: he can created universe and solar systems with ki . he is invunerable to all ki attacks unless it's used with a physical power example kioken and he can absorb it , his ki, eyes and skin color changes depending on his mood red=angry , blue=calm , green= grossed out, yellow= happy , pink= in love ,
His hair can change any shape and color he wants because his hair is ki, and he is 9ft tall and looks like he weighs 220pounds. he can create solar systems and even the universe cause in Dbz everything has ki except some inannimate objects. He can breathe in space. He can mask his ki to 0. When his power level reaches 1quintatilion he imits lightning and he has his own dimension/universe called the ki verse which he controls which is his gift from Zeno for making this .

Remember he has created every single hi move in dbz
godfist: which is what all Dbz gods can learn you send you enemies flying out of the solar system it can be lethal or none lethal , but used at full it creates a gold ring that creates a shockwave felt 500 miles away ( similar to dragon fist).
Solar ki : creates any Sun at any size he wants and he can control it waving his finger
Lunar ki: creates any moon at any size he wants and he can control it waving his finger
God flick: ( like beerus's move)
Deathball barrage: (just like frieza deathball ability but makes them rapid).
Sawblade disc: ( just like krillin's destructo disc but more powerful and looks like a sawblade can cut trough anything except another sawblade disc which destroys both).
Ki warp : warp to any energy source mainly stars or his enemies and if they follow the portal timer is 10secs and resets the timer every time something enters .
Ki sneeze: a 5ft ball that can easily planet bust just like beerus's.
Teleki-nisis : can lift any object that has a lower power level.
Kameha force field : disentergrates anything with a power level lower then 9000
Ki weapons: make any weapon out of ki
Ki armor: make any armor out of ki
Ki mines: make ki balls that explode with a snap of each finger which is 8 because of the 2 thumbs
What's yours is mine: absorbs ki energy
Infinite ki attack : any ki attack can be used infinitely.
Ki minions: creates living ki beings that can be any shape And size including clones but they don't last Forever every damage you do they get smaller
Ki orbs : creates ki orbs that go around him And can also do kamahamaha with him but they get smaller the more they are used And they can do other ki based attacks and more energy can be added also they stay in color of the last mood that they were created in .
Ki orb suicide : when ki orbs are not needed they go for their nearest target and detonate
Ki implosion: a ki orb will explode then the shockwave will comeback to its cordinates where the explosion occur
And so much more to come
Color reformation : adds colors to ki clones

All seeing ki orb: he has an all seeing ki orb which is like a god-like computer which gives and takes ki from things in the universe / dimesions.
Godrium (god like titanium) robes and godleather(made from almost god tier creatures) and only Godrium can cut or dent.
Godrium shoes: shoes that can only be destroyed by other Godrium objects

Food: ki is his food source because other foods they taste bland

Sleep: he is an infinite powered being he doesn't need sleep

Speed: he is about 1second slower than whis But the more he fights the faster he gets

Strength: his ki is unlimited so is his strength

Weakness: he is lactose intolerant ( a senerio like getting him and fat buu to fight would be a good idea ) because of being lactose he would have to return home to the no deminsion cause he can't fight.

Home world : kikai
Located: in his dimension
Size: size as a solar system
Gravity: 100quantadrillon pounds
Orbits: 3 stars
a Rigel

A VV Cephei

And a VY Canis Majoris

Moons : 7
Light cycle is : 10 1/2 days
Biomes: just like earths
Life: forms Godzilla sized creature dritans ( dragon + titan the top predator which is close to god tier ) (stagos a creature the exact same size like a dritan.) the oceanic creature the bluehu a really big whale like to eat human-sized organisms
And there is the kitree a really huge tree that stands 6 miles high and gives ki and oxygen to all the life forms in the dimesion except maliki

Btw looks like me a little

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