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In the Would This Do That category, post questions about if a life hack would work.

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What am I doing with my life..

Editing posts because the first letter wasn't a CAP.

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Welcome to the community! I will add rules over time, but for right now:
- NO SPAM or chain letters. I have a ZERO tolerance for it and I will remove and block you if I see it posted. I don't give a shit if it's the cute puppies or the starving children. It's spam. Stop.
- You can swear freely to your heart's content.
- You can post GIFs and GIFsets.
If you are:
- racist
- sexist
- homophobic
- pro-life
- pro-abstinence until marriage
- anti-birth control
- ammosexual
- offensive to me

Do grass stains actually cone out with vinegar?

Welcome. This is for Social life Hacks.

Welcome. This is for Science Life hacks.
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