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ON-LINE WORKSHOP "Story-reading: ways to read books to kids", March, 12 at 14-00 Moscow Time.


- to learn to introduce books to kids;
- to learn to adapt a complicated book to very young learners;
- to learn to offer a variety of multifunctional games based on a book;
- to learn to develop kids’ imagination and support creativity;
- to learn to activate the language of a book and foster kids’ speech.

After the workshop you will know how:

- diversify your classes with kids;
- transfer kids’ passive vocabulary into active one;
- enlarge kids’ horizon through authentic English literature;
- boost kids’ abstract and critical thinking;
- enrich kids’ vocabulary;
- evoke your imagination and feel inspired.

Participation fees – 700 r. For further details click

To apply for participation please email to

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Something sweet for your mummy on Valentine's Day. You will need:
Baby milk powder - 400 gr
Butter - 200 gr
Some cocoa powder
Mix butter and baby milk powder to form a dough. You may need to add more powder to make your dough stiff. Roll the dough into balls. Roll them in cacao powder and leave them in the fridge to cool down for 20 min. Your tasty Valentine's desert is ready!
You may add nuts, raisin or anything you fancy to your dough. What would you add?

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Non-trivial craft for Groundhog Day.

Let’s make a pillow with the American flag for Groundhog Phil to sleep on for the rest of winter.

Materials needed: a sponge, a wide double-sided scotch tape, red and white felt or wool for felting, scissors, blue play clay and white tiny beads.

Tape the double –sided scotch onto one side of the sponge. Remove the upper layer and stick a rectangle out of blue play clay in the top left corner. Press into it numerous tiny white beads. Then prepare stripes of red and white wool for felt or fabric itself and stick them in succession along the flag surface.

The pillow is ready. It’s time to tuck Phil in. Let’s sing him a lullaby and wish sweet dreams.
Nighty night, sleep tight, don’t let your bugs bite:)
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Russia is famous for its long winters. Let's enjoy the last winter month together with a A NEW THEMATIC UNIT OF IntelKid "WINTER" «Winter» is an English winter adventure, through which your kids will find themselves in a real winter fairy-tale. The fairy-tale will give to your kid an opportunity to:
– make friends with Snowman and learn the story how Snow Queen worked her magic;
– draw frosty ornaments on a glass even if there is a thaw outside your window;
– mend the Royal Sleigh and color it, having deciphered a secret code;
– reflect on how to help Snow Queen see summer... and others.
For further details click

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While going to school or kindergarten by car or on foot you could play a nice speech development game. 
Imagine you are very hungry. You are so hungry that you are able to eat everything you see. While walking talk about what you are ready to it in turns.
- I'll have that orange car!
- I'll have that white house!
- I'll have that shop!
- I'll have that green car!

You may find lots of exciting ideas on our website

Ежегодный он-лайн семинар "Английский в раннем детстве-3" на блоге "Дети МИ". Все, кто знакомит своих детей с английским и другими иностранными языками в дошкольном возрасте, присоединяйтесь к нам! Начинаем собирать Ваши вопросы! Подробнее о мероприятии здесь:

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A little bit of winter active fun. Sledding Glossary for those who are fond of snowracers, snow tubes, saucers and other sleds. 

Возьми ледянку – take the sled
Поднимайся рядом с горкой - climb up by the slide
Сядь на ледянку – sit down on the sled
Пропусти ледянку между коленей – push the sled through the knees
Держись руками за ручку – grip the handle with both hands
Сядь ровно – sit straight 
Подталкивай себя ногами – push yourself with legs 
Спускайся вниз – slide down 
Вставай быстрей, пока тебя не снесли другие дети – get up quickly until other kids knock you over 
Не лови ртом снежинки – don’t catch snowflakes with your mouth
Стряхни снег с коленей – shake snow off your knees
Не растягивайся на земле пластом – don’t lie sprawling

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C 21 декабря по 3 января!
С содержанием блоков можно ознакомиться по ссылке

Summer - 1800 р.
Autumn - 1800 р.
Birds - 1800 р.
Harvest - 1800 р.
Thanksgiving Day - 350 р.
Christmas - 350 р.

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