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name: balthazar  
age: 15
hair: long scraggily brown with white strands
skin: pale
height: 5'11"
clan: forest clans of skyler
animal within: wolf
Bio: (unkown) but people say they see him wandering the deepest parts of the forest

 Name: Leinad  
Age: 20
Hair: Dark red
Skin: Caucasian
Height: 1.77 m
Clan: Hill Clans
Animal Within: Hawk. Capable of turning into a Phoenix in critical moments
Bio: Son of a humble family, but always wished for being more than that. Somewhat impulsive and intolerant of others. Proud. Is better on his own. His goal is turning in a Knight of Skyler

Name: Starwaltz (usually called just star)
Age: 15
Hair: Red-brown long down the back
Skin: Tan
Height: 5'6"
Clan: forest clan
Animal within: Wolf
Bio: Found by a lone hunter in the woods as a baby. Am an excellent bowman, and huntress, and can kick some butt. :)
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Since I want to be nice, I would like to include everyone who has made a character in the story! If you want in it, HURRY AND MAKE THAT CHARACTER!

Name: Anastasia (Known as Skyla by castle)
Age: 16
Hair: Light Dirty Blonde
Skin: Pale white
Height: 5'9"
Clan: River Clans of Skyler
Animal within: All (Know as just dolphin)
Bio: Never has told anyone.(Castle knows though)

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OK. So like can I get help with this community? I don't have the time to post all the animals within. If read the story, it says most of them. Can i please get help with this? Thanks, Owner.
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Name: Four (Real name unknown, 'Four' is simply a nickname)
Age: 12
Hair: Straight black hair with sliver streaks, very short length
Skin: Pale (She looks like she glows if sunlight touches her bare skin)
Height: 4' 7''
Animal Within: (Depends. If there is a wolf, I will be a wolf. If there is a cougar, I will be a cougar. If there are neither, I'll be whatever else I like)
Bio: Was once a rogue, living in the shadows with a dagger always in hand. Has black tattoos on her face that make the shape of a paw print over her right eye. Tends to keep to herself, and comes out mainly at night. Lives in the Forest Clans. (Are we allowed to have pets? If we are, Four's is a badger.) (And Four's attitude tends to be very hostile and short-tempered. But she can be kind when she wants to.)

Name: A-C
Age: 14
Hair: wavy brown hair with purple streaks.
Skin: peach
Height: 5.4
Animal within: ((I shall decide when there are more animals.. if there is wolf then yeah...))
Bio: MYSTERY ((and I shall put it later cause too lazy...))
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