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START: 2:30 PM at Nipple of Knowledge Portal, Pullman, WA
END: 5:00 PM at Nipple of Knowledge Portal, Pullman, WA
AFTER EVENT HANGOUT: Paradise Creek Brewery, Pullman, WA 99163 (Minors allowed)
PARKING:Parking is available on campus here ->
Agents check in with one of the event hosts, who records their faction, codename, and AP. All Agents are given 90 minutes to gain as much AP as possible, using any means at their disposal (establishing fields, reclaiming Portals, etc.). Detailed instructions will be given at the breifing before the event starts. AP gained by L1, L2, and L3 Agents are given a 2X multiplier by the host in their final AP gain calculation. After 90 minutes has elapsed, Agents rendezvous with the event host who records their current AP. The host sums the total AP gain per faction, then divides by the number of Agents to determine the average AP gain. The faction with the largest average AP gain wins. #ingress   #ingressreport   #GoCougs  
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