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- Richard Evans
- Martin Short
- Paul Irving
- Jamie Stevens
- Chris Irlam
- Alexander Black
- Pee Jay.


1. If you try a login and it doesn't work for you try another that's the nature of the beast.

2. We are all here to learn and help each other so slagging other members off will lead to an instant ban.

3. No leeching our logins to other groups this will lead to an instant ban.

4 Check file section regularly.

5. Admin are here to help where possible but check group for advice as well as we have life's too.

6. Use search button first before posting a request for a login.

7. Provide feedback on posts. If things don't work we need to know so we can remove the post.

8. There are a few generators around and we advise you check these out if you want to contribute to the group.

9. We appreciate not everyone is here to post logins, and some of you make use of what others post. A like and a thank you go a long way to encourage people to keep posting the stuff they do.

10. If you have tested an account please provide feedback, if something is not working we can remove dead accounts so people don't waste their time checking them out.

Open Plex Servers

11. No servers to be posted with "home videos / family photos". They often contain kids and family etc. Not something that needs to get shared.

12. Any servers posted should be checked first and the post should indicate server name and content. Eg server name = plex 124, 590 movies, 25 tv, 100 music

13. Any server posted that has XXX content should be indicated eg server name = plex 124, 590 movies, 25 tv, Inc adult content. Folk will add servers to now tv etc and kids will watch... We think its a reasonable thing to do.

14. Anyone found tampering with server names or content will get instant ban. No Excuses. No Return.

Morning guys

hi all, firt time use google +

Evening guys :)
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