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因此,下面我们针对不同的癌症种类,为患者提供相对应的治疗方案。最后,温馨提醒: 治疗方案因人而异(比如:患者病史,肿瘤的分期、转移、复发等),我们的治疗方案仅供参考,并不能作为临床治疗的唯一依据。而在治疗过程中,具体使用哪些治疗技术,则要根据患者的具体情况而定。

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Cancer Treatment Plan

Traditional cancer treatments, such as operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are widely used for a long time. However, with the development of anticancer technology, minimally invasive therapies, including interventional therapy, cryotherapy, particle implantation, nanoknife, etc., are also widely adopted to treat different kind of cancer.

In Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, every cancer patient will be given a personalized treatment plan that is made by our multidisciplinary team (MDT) based on their physical condition. We truly understand that patients and their families want to know more about the treatment before making the big decision of taking cancer treatment abroad.

Below is the treatment plans based on different types of cancer and condition. Here is a warm tips: Treatment plan varies from patient to patient(i.e, medical history, stage, location, metastasis, recurrence), the treatment plan we offer only for reference, they cannot be regard as the only basis for clinic treatment. The specific type of therapy is depend on the patient’s unique condition.
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