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#Zimetrics Machine Scoring & Quality Analysis Leverage sematics intelligence to #machine score calls and interactions, check for script compliance, score lead quality or just any other customer satisfaction index in your interactions.

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The Business Analytics Institute in Paris has created a space where people interested in Data Science can share their expertise and experience. The LinkedIn Community “Analytics for Management -Decision and Data Science Group” is dedicated to promoting employment and consulting opportunities (incl. freelance and contract) in data science. The discussions are structured around:

Which skills need to be mastered in getting ahead of the field;
Featuring interviews of people within the Data Science Community;
Current employment and consulting opportunities;
Recommended data science conferences and events;
Sharing articles on developing critical skills and experience

Share, & we look forward to seeing you there.

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Predictive analytics does not tell us exactly what is going to happen in the future but it forecasts probabilities through good historical data, statistical analysis, and machine learning techniques among many others. How important is Predictive Analytics in a business setting?

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Automation is probably one of the main reasons why several industries such as the manufacturing industry for example is thriving. Automation in different aspects of the industry allows several companies to minimize costs and maximize profit. However, across several industries financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis, or even consolidation of figures remain to be a huge struggle.

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With data scientists continuing to be a scarce and expensive resource, it is not surprising that many companies turn to modern technology as an aid to their existing employees´ skills to help them in their decision-making and strategy planning.

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Our Human Resource solutions are easily configurable and customizable

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[LIVE WEBINAR] Large Scale Splunk Automation at One of the Largest Banks in North America
Date: Tuesday, July 11th at 1:00pm EST

The webinar will discuss a case-study where an IT Consulting and Implementation Firm used open source tooling to orchestrate a large Splunk environment for one of the largest banks in North America. The automated solution allows the client to instantiate dozens of Splunk nodes with a single click/command. Subsequent configuration, re-configuration is highly automated, including scaling.

Highlights of the webinar:
- Best practices for architecting automation for Splunk
- Overcoming the challenges of building large Splunk clusters
- Automating Sequencing and Configuration of Clusters
- A case study of of orchestrating a massive Splunk environment
- How the orchestration model can help with automating your other large scale application environments

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Single tenant SaaS architecture basically means a company has its own application and necessary infrastructure while Multi-tenant SaaS architecture on the other hand means several companies share the same instance for data storage.

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