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A couple of things... Why do they send new orders while we are driving???... by the time I get pulled over to check and accept the message times up and I got docked bad... I went from 52% to 47% and I missed 2 orders... an my phone goes in and out of service .... So why the big hit???.. I even took every Dash after that and my ratings never changed..
+Martin Beechen is there away to implement the difference between accepting or declining a dash and not receiving a text on a new dash and not be punished or dinged on acceptance rating?? The software as you can see by the add-ons is totally messed up..
Then I get paused by DD and my phone didn't acknowledge it until later when I was setting at Wing Stop waiting for a dash and I lost my hrs I requested to work..
Also why send me 24 miles to pick up food (for $9.45) that's has a pick-up time 2 or 3 min before you sent me the message??
I hope that the beta users don't get kicked out or lose our jobs... we should be exempt since we're trying to help test and upgrade this program...
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That didn't go as well as hoped..

+Dave Erickson maybe you're just cooler than me.
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Hey developers I want the old pay model back this new one is BS!

No, my time machine is still in the shop.

Order placed around 1:00-1:15
Delivery Promised to Customer by 2:00
Order Dispatch at 2:08
Scheduled Pickup at 2:15
Food Actually Ready at 2:34
Scheduled Dropoff 2:38
Actual Dropoff at 2:45


Customer was very upset with me. Not only did Doordash promise the order would be delivered by 2:00 -- 8 minutes before being dispatched to me, but they told the customer the order was waiting for pickup at 2:00 when she called to check status. I watched the staff at The Cheesecake Factory carry the order out at 2:34.

Icing #1... I waited for a delivery for 30 minutes as this order sat unassigned. I was 3 minutes from the restaurant.

Icing #2... The Dasher App barked at me for being 7 minutes late although I arrived at the restaurant before the order was ready, and I drove as fast as I could to the customer after receiving the food. Light traffic, short drive, first building in the complex, parking space next to the building, straight up the stairs, first door by the stairs. So the fastest possible delivery took 11 minutes, but Doorgaff (I mean Doordash) gave me 4. OK, the app didn't literally bark at me, but it did pee on my shoes.

Icing #3... Diredash Oops (I mean Doordash Ops) is knowingly throwing drivers under the bus by changing the original pickup and delivery times and leaving the angry customer as the driver's problem. Enough with the fake order history! We need to know the complete and accurate order history so we can manage the customer's broken expectations created by a slow order.

This same scenario happened to me last week. No wonder my ratings have dropped. I'm being waylaid by my own business partner.

Our PROBLEMS with deliveries and other stuff pale in comparison to the 12 year old I delivered to who has leukemia.

+Martin Beechen, a little while ago my app went into system-initiated pause mode 5 times in the in 10 minutes. The map was red. As other dashers have noted, the delivery rate was slow even when the maps were red this week. I have also noticed an increase in orders where the drop-off time is much later than what the customer was told in the Doordash App. Sounds like there are lots of drivers and orders within a few blocks of each other, each one waiting for the other.

Dasher App 5.26.1 (beta)
Android 8.1
Google Fi Network

Oh yay. Another restaurant caused delay. Guess I am bad at being on time... Waiting helplessly as my delivery time passes.

Its not even that busy in the place. Funny. This location used to be a Ruby Tuesday I managed.

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Just wanted to repost this for drivers who don't know or don't understand what Core Score is for a Dasher. It's worth a read/refresher.
Core Score!

Now, everyone wonders why the guy (or gal) you are sitting next to in the Cheesecake Factory parking lot waiting for orders gets an order and you don't, even though you are 5 feet closer to the restaurant than they are.
The answer is two-fold.
DoorDash is a customer-centric company, not unlike Amazon. That being said, DD is not a "proximity based app" like Uber or Lyft. It is first a rating based app, and then a proximity based app.
Once an order is placed and the system is able to discern when that order needs to be delivered, the system then looks for the driver with the best Core Score that can viably deliver that order within the promised delivery time.
What this means is that while you may be sitting right there in the parking lot of Cheesecake Factory, and you have been there for 20 minutes but then see another driver you know has a habit of hanging out at Buffalo Wold Wings 3 miles away swoop in to pick up the Cheesecake Factory order, the driver that just showed up likely has a higher Core Score.
Now, had that driver declined the order, the system would then look for the next best candidate. That may be you or it may be yet another driver sitting elsewhere.
Now… the Core Score is something every single driver on the platform has. And we all start out at "0". As we accept and complete orders, and as we get rated favorably by both the customer and the restaurant, our score increases. Yes, restaurants are able to rate the driver after they leave with an order if they are a partner restaurant.
Other factors that affect our Core Score are our interactions with Support Staff as well as how often we Dash to begin with.
If we are salty with Support Staff when we hit them up via the in-app chat feature, it will be noted and reflect in our scores. Conversely, if we are kind, considerate and easy-going, that is also noted in our account and reflected in our Core Scores.
Every time a restaurant complains about an impatient or rude driver, it goes into his/her driver account and reflected in the core score.
However, every time they say something positive about a driver, that driver's score improves.

Essentially, our Core Scores are a direct reflection of our over-all performance as a driver on the DoorDash platform. And no, it is not something we see in our ratings page in the app.

However, you can always find out what your score is. And here is how I check on mine (125) periodically:

When I have to chat with support, which is extremely rare, my issue usually requires that support call me so we can work through a resolution to whatever issue led me to contact them in the first place. And while I have them on the phone, I simply ask them what my driver score is. Some support staff term it as our "Core Score" while others know it as our "Driver Score".
So, just ask. They will tell you.
The other way you can find out what it is would be by visiting your local office and asking the staff there.

Lastly, I can share that if you are nice and ask kindly, support staff will even tell you what the average score is that they have seen that day. They will also tell you what the highest score is that they have seen for the day.

I am not here to brag. Nor am I here to make anyone feel badly, or put them down.
I am here to share the knowledge I have acquired by sticking my nose in places it may not have belonged, and by ingratiating myself into circles uninvited.
My score is 125. It has been as low as 103 in the last 6 months. That was as a result of working in the UNLV Starting Point in Las Vegas. I quickly stopped working in that SP not because of my Core Score, but because of the Customer Rating I saw in the app. I had gone from a strict 5.00 perfect score to 4.31 in only 10 days. I then contacted support specifically to find out what my Core Score was and almost choked when I was told it was 103.
I went back to working in the Green Valley SP and watched my Customer Rating slowly recover, and then had a reason to be on the phone with support and found that my Core Score had also been on the road to recovery.

Yesterday was my first day and I was so disappointed to have only received one delivery from 9-11.

Ever since they merged the areas or whatever they did whenever I schedule a dash I go to dash now it will not let me start.I have to cancel my dash first then RE select start and end time .dd needs to fix this
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