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No just no 
sorry guys but I have to reshare for safety reasons!

I'm not really into ponies anymore.


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Yup. Losing members. Not because this community is (swear alert) shit, but we needed to ban some people. All because some of them would not post anything. According to Emily, she told me that I have to scroll through the posts, and see who posted and not posted. Whoever posted, congrats. You were now promoted from limited, to member. And sorry...I did not like it either but I needed to ban the ones who did not post at all. Emily and I did not see any spam. Please if you were banned, please do not be whiny and upset then complain to us on Hangouts. We were doing this because we needed to so we could still have our community in good shape. So... These were the updates. New community. New crap. New everything.

Wow...This is such an old community xD

Ban for +Matt Majors​ not posting anything. What's the point on joining?

Ban for +Yelli Cazalon​ not posting. What is the point with joining?

+Snowy The Arctic Fox ( $hit can't tag ) has been given one more chance. Thank you for apologizing. :)))))

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A new intro I made for vids! Hope you guys like it!
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