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Hello and welcome to the super squad community. We encourage all members to invite their followers. Here are a few simple rules you must follow:

1. No hating on anyone. This includes race, religion, sexuality and anything else. This community brings people together as friends not enemies. (Permanty banned no warning).

2. Do NOT block owners and/or mods. (Permanty banned no warning)

3. No spam. This includes resharing back into the community. ( 2 warnings then permanently banned posts will be deleted).

4. No sexual rps or pictures. (One warning then permanently banned post and rp will be deleted)

5. No arguing with owners and/mods. Owners and mods get the final say in a situation. (Permanty banned no warning)

6. Only post content related to the community. And posts that isn't will be deleted. (3 warning then permanently banned)

7. No trolls or dickheads. Please tell and mods or owners if you are being trolled or if you see anyone trolling. If a known troll has joined let us known so we can ban them. (Permanty banned no warning)

8. Keeping cursing to low. We don't mind a little bit of cursing but if you curse all the time then we'll have to take action. (2 warnings then permanently banned).

9. No advertising other communities here. (2 warnings then permanently banned. Post will be deleted)

10. No asking for mod/owner. (1 warning then permanently banned)

11. If you get promoted do your job probably. No fucking around with editing the community. (Demoted and permanently banned if need be)

12. Do not abuse mod/owner privileges. This is things such as banning random people for no reason and deleting random posts for no reason. (Demoted and permanently banned if need be)

13. Do NOT unpin this post for any reason.

14. Have fun make new friends and stay crazy.

If you have any questions about the rules or you have any ideas for the community comment below or let's us know.


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BTW here are my pictures I forgot....sorry...
Opps I forgot to add my pictures sorry...😂😂😂😂😂
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I got no time to edit my profile so here it is....
Name : Kyle Quinn

Nickname : The Nostalgic Superhero

Superhuman Abilities : Super Strength (50% One Punch Man) Super Speed(40% Flash) Regeneration(200% better than deadpool), Omnipotent Immunity(not even gods or demons can kill me), Extreme Immunity(zombie infection, any kind of diseases fatal or not doesn't affect me at all)

Belt Ability : Teleportation, Recall(Tracer), Shrinking Ability(Antman)

Vehicles : Delorean Time Machine(I kinda stole this from McFly), Black Pearl(I stole it ok...), Titanic(not really), Military Chopper(I kinda stole this one either), Chopper Bike(I stole this from a random biker), I can't say more...

Habit : Mansion, Lousy Apartment, Hotel, Abandon Farm house, Big House

Knowledge : knows every secret identity of Heroes/Villains/Antiheroes

Weapons : Guns, Grenades, Katana, Lightsaber

Powers : The Force(Star Wars), Telekinesis

Health : immortal, infinite health...

Ultimate Weapon : His Talkative Mouth(best for annoying his foes)

Character Type : Antihero, Vigilante

Likes : Burger King, Ice Cream Lays Chips, Doritos Chips, Retro Music (70's - 90's). Trend Music video games, internet memes, Pop Culture References and other cool kids like.....

Dislikes : porn, sex, seeing harley Quinn getting hurt (cause 90% of me is childish yes I am a ugly virgin..)

Comic Side : Marvel/DC

Describes Himself : Super Overrated/Insane...

Family : The Quinzel Family

Parents : Joker/Deadshot(idk who is my daddy actually), Harley Quinn(mother), Lucy(Sister)

Affiliation : Overwatch, Talon, Suicide Squad, A Team (not really) X Men(never had the chance to get an autograph from Logan), Justice League (because i'm batman) almost every team in the fictional universe lmao....BTW i'm also part of the Merc Squad, Society of Fools, Quinzel Crime Family, I can't say cuz I already mention it....

Bio : before was a normal average nerd but oh wait let me say this oh yeah during the events of superman hitler(injustice gods among us) the battle of epic heroes vs the nasty villains until my mama(Harley Quinn) dropped me into a strange looking portal I was like what the fuck mom?!... I was a baby then you'll know it later my dear reader... I'll mention it so yeah I feel of this strange dimension it was a robot who save me from falling he told me I was destined for something...from that day on heck I didn't know whatever that means so after 40 years of terminator omnics crappy shit that blizzard made it up I didn't remember my high school life or my former life I do gave to admit I do have 4 voices in my head da big voice is actually my former self there you know who I am ever wonder how I got my powers simple answer is that I went to the same experimental programs that deadpool and deathstroke went trough just to become superhuman and that omnipotent baldy victor curse me with immortality so yeah it sucks I can't die cuz plus my healing factor won't let me die just like deadpool.... anyway I made good friends..Matthew Lacroix him and I were like wolverine and deadpool BTW didn't you know whoever reads this bio that I hate my father the joker he literally abuses my mom so much using her for granted same thing with Matthew here except he can't forgive his mom from killing his sweet dad yes like I said we are the same but not exactly the same....crazy origin story ha? But wait there's more from that came from.....yeah so my origin story is kinda fuck up cuz the creator of my roleplay is into crossovers if you know what I mean.... The pictures will come i'm sorry I forgot to include them yep I do wear gloves duh I kinda forgot to include those...

Spolier Alert : I break the 4th wall too....

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Hiya! Wow thats slot of members!!

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Name Harvey Dent
nickname Two Face
Age 36
Gender male
Weapon automatic revolver and assault rifle with a grenade launcher
Family: after the death of Rachael I found a new woman that loved me Abby Mansfield daughter and Selene Isabella Mansfield wife
Strength: 25
Mental State: 9
Endurance: 9
Agility: 10
Likes: Killing the things I hate
Dislikes: losing friends and losing +Selene Mansfield and +Abby Mansfield


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us men have greed and democracy and the corruption of the government." -Harvey Dent aka Two Face


if anyone wanna RP I will smashing out as Harvey Dent aka Two Face

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hello i'm online duh anyone wanna rp duh
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