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Updated Bio: he betrayed the Totenkopf SS and the whole Wehrmacht after a prisoner opened his eyes and appealed on his mind that the Nazis were cruel and must be stopped. Now he works as a mole for the britains
Name: Albert von Scharffenberger

Age: 43

Gender: male

Characteristic: black eyepatch

Totenkopf SS

Birth place: German Reich

German Reich

Weapons: Walther P38, MP40, STG44; ,,Blood and Honor" Knive

Bio: he is the son from Duke von Scharffenberger and he is a very aggressive guy because his father never listened to him. As he was 30 he wants to impress his father by joining the Totenkopf SS. But the Totenkopf SS made a Rude guy from the formerly honest guy. He punished his comrades when they don't do what he say with Isolation Arrest and sleep deprivation.

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Guiz zhiz commiunitie iz very inaktive. Zo vhat ideaz do you hav to make zhiz com aktiv again?

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Name: Karl Polzin

Age: 54

Nationality: russian-german

Position/rank: Private

Especially function: super jumps by special Boots

Weapons: grenade launcher, shotgun, tactic battle knife, hand grenade ((that one with the wooden grip)), normal grenades

Affiliation: allys

Bio: he was born and growed up in germany. But in the age of 10 he traveled back to his motherland russia and joined the russian army to fight against the wehrmacht
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I need your help again :)

What are those both vehicles? I only know that they are from america
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I was from England but I Joined the French Army I had one Goal "Punish those who have destroyed my life". I was on the front-lines for a while but I was ordered to stay at a POW camp I made good friends with some German soldiers and some French Soldiers who knows how long that'll last. Sits against a wall and sighs that's when you walk over

((Open RP))

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Did anyone knows what kind of truck that is and who builds it ((Mack, Peterbilt etc...))

1944, Sicily. The once beautiful island is in ruins after months of bombardment and heavy combat. Thousands have fallen, but minor part of the battlefield is still in the hands of the Germans, who now reside in their bunkers and fanatically fight off the assaults of American and British paratroopers. Heavy battles still continue.

US paratrooper Ryan Carpetti (me) hides in his foxhole as battle rages on around him. The Germans are attacking again. There are sounds of exploding shells, gunfire and the yelling of the wounded. As a grenade goes off near him, Ryan loads his M1 Carbine and opens fire towards the Germans.

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