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Yarian Gomez

General  - 
Hey folk, 

Just a quick heads up. Just pushed out a beta update. From the what's new:

• Reply to Viber!
• More reliable phone call notifications
• Reduced duplicate SMS notifications
• Updated drawer look
• Zoom zoom zoom in on your pictures
• Groundwork for future changes

Hope you like it. Please let me know if you see anything weird, there may be bugs :)
Eduardo Ribeiro's profile photoYarian Gomez's profile photo
+Eduardo Ribeiro Whoops. I'll look into that. Thanks for letting me know.
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Tiago Gama

Feature Request  - 
Pairing with Bluetooth to send sms throw the phone
Philipp Kiemle's profile photoTiago Gama's profile photo
It is a cool idea, it's possible 
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Can I chose a 'friend' to forward the notifications?

I ask because I trying to send my notifications to a tablet mounted in the car, but they have they own Google acc, I don't wanted to leave my acc in the car. 
George Vermeulen's profile photoEduardo Ribeiro's profile photo
I already added.
Yes, I want to auto push. 
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Anyone experiencing this lately? 
Yarian Gomez's profile photoClaudia Rahanmetan's profile photo
+Yarian Gomez Yesterday I've tried to install TWRP and rebooted several times until it worked so rebooting check ;-) I will log in to Pushbullet again and see how it works. Will let you know. Thanks!
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Whenever i push a note and i "paste" it into a textbox, the pasted string has this structure: ": TheActualPush".

It's kinda annoying because i have to remove the two dots manually.
It happens with the Chrome's extension and on the WIndows'app too.
I'm on Android 4.4.4 and i have Pushbullet 15.6.7
Yarian Gomez's profile photoSalvatore Manfredi's profile photo
It's fixed, thanks +Yarian Gomez .
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I know you are busy people/gods (+Yarian Gomez , +Pushbullet ), but there are many typos which should be corrected:


“Please try clicking again to open a file dilaogue or, dragging a file onto the window” - dialogue

“Please try entering an email or selecting on of your contacts or devices” - one

Unkown Error” - Unknown

Couln't find any pushes with %@”- Couldn't

“Please allow pushbullet to access your contacts. Go to Settings > Privacy > Contacts > Pushbullet and allow“ - Pushbullet

“Please enable bluetooth in your device's settings” - Bluetooth

“Pushbullet is better when you have it on all your devices.\n\nNow that you've got the iOS app set up, check out or desktop apps at” - Our

“To show notifications on your mac, Bluetooth needs to be enabled” - Mac, no mac


“How do I stop seeing notifications from a specific app on my phone?” - “Phone” should be replaced with a “Device”.

“From the Settings screen in the Pushbullet Android app, tap on 'Android-to-PC notifications', then 'Turn on/off for specific apps'.” - This string is so out of date!

“Show my phone's notifications on my computer.” - “Phone” should be replaced with a “Device”.
Yarian Gomez's profile photo
Thank you so much for letting us know. I let our iOS and Chrome devs know so they can update the translation files. As always appreciate all the work you do for us!
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Alejandro Sedeño

Feature Request  - 
I mainly use pushbullet to push some messages from a CLI instant messaging client. I'd love to mark those pushes with an expiration time so I don't have to deal with deleting them all by hand. I tried using ephemerals, but they didn't really work for this.
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Bug: In PB Win v328 I'm not seeing who any of the cards I pushed went to...
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I no longer receive push notifications via 3rd party apps eg Sonarr aka NZBDrone, help :(
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PB Win 328 - I also notice that none of the channels I've created show up in the right-click context menu for sending files to. Bug?
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Join the Pushbullet Beta community to help us test new versions of Pushbullet. As a beta tester, you'll get early access to all of the new features we're getting ready to release! After joining this community using your Play Store account, opt-in to beta updates using the Beta Opt-in link below . (Note that you must join the community first for the link to work.)

Flo Edelmann

Feature Request  - 
I'd like to see media playback controls from the Firefox / Chrome / Windows app. Is that something we can look forward to?
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Boris Chorniy

Feature Request  - 
sometimes it is hard to reach the send button on the go, especially when you have 5.5 - 5.7 inch phone. it would be really nice to have it on the bottom of the window or at least next to the message box.
Emmett Hines's profile photoSushubh Mittal's profile photo
Google+ messed this up a few weeks ago. The post button is at the top and hides when you scroll down. 
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Win Iden

General  - 
I did a factory reset on my phone and can't log in to Pushbullet after reinstalling. I'm getting an error message "we had some trouble signing into your account, please try again"

Tried clearing data and cache, didn't work. Any suggestions?
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Emmett Hines

Feature Request  - 
WinPB v 328 - I'd like this to be a combo box that allows me to type the first few letters, quickly narrowing down the choices (like in the chrome version) instead of a simple unfiltered pick list that I have to scroll through for my intended recipient...
Yarian Gomez's profile photoEmmett Hines's profile photo
Pretty much - Recently (or most often contacted) very easily everywhere. For the other contacts, on the desktop typing is easy so thats where I tend to prefer typing a few letters to scrolling a long list. On the phone I avoid typing so the others need to be easy to find by scrolling (though I guess there are some who would prefer typing to scrolling on a phone as well). 
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Ivan Conde

Feature Request  - 
I can't install pushbullet in my mobile, could you share the apk?

I don't know why I can't install it

I have lollipop

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1. Image push to chrome via mobile usually fails.
2. Tap to cancel uploads in extended notification fails.
3. Button hints text are placed outside text box.

on HTC Desire V (ICS 4.0.3)
Yarian Gomez's profile photoAshesh Kumar's profile photo
Open Pushbullet -> create new push -> tap and hold the arrow (push) icon.
There will be a text hint (tooltip) suggesting the function of that particular button. On my device the text is placed outside the black tooltip. I will try taking screenshots.
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PB Chrome v188 - when pushing a file there is no opportunity to add either a title or message. And if sending a picture the notification that shows up on my desktop is less than helpfully informative.
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