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Hello, an welcome to the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Before you get started here are a few rules.

• two profile max
•*the characters from the series are indeed dead and may not exist*
No bullying unless the person in an rp asks you too. Otherwise you will be warned. Or banned.
no God modding. It's not very fun that way
• please respect others. Everyone is equal no matter what
• you must ask to become a mod or 'death weapon'
• to become a death weapon you must collect 99 kishin souls and 1 witch soul
• please post in the right category
• you must make a profile before roleplaying
• 3 warnings result in a ban.

Here are the templates that we have. Please enjoy



The point of the DWMA is to collect kishin and witch souls to becomes a death weapon and meister. 99 kishin eggs are needed and one witch soul. If you're wondering how to do so, watch this clip. We will try to find a better one soon though this explains it well

I'm back anyone wanna rp?

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This community is dead. QwQ

sorry it's been so long. Let's liven things up, shall we?

Hope walked along the streets with a few bags in her arms. She sighed and kicked a rock as she went along her way. It was a nice day out. Maybe after she put the groceries away she would go for another walk. She smiled as she walked alone along the sidewalk. The sun beaming down on her

knocks on +Heiri Sho​ door

walks around boredly then on a roof top I lay down before accidentally falling off

I slide down the railing on the stairs and stumble once I reach the floor, barely managing to keep from falling. Haha! Nailed it!

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name:kite shinsui
gender: male
Hair color: was white but he dyed it black
weapon form: one handed sword and a sythe
skills: at moments i feel my partner is in danger can create a small wind that can cut the enemy a few times then fades but it drains my energy so if i use it too much i will pass out. able to self weld myself.
be able to detect a witches soul from a few miles away.
souls collected : had to restart due to trying to fight a witch alone so only 10
likes sweets,nice people,and kittens
dislikes:abusive people,people who only uses me,,and being hurt
Family:cordeila as a sister (not related but kinda like adopted sister)
bio story:was raised by abusive parents they always wanted a better son so they always beat him and his friends always treated him as an errand boy so he never had real friend this is why he is emotionally damaged
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Name: nanami fullbuster
Age: 15
Weapon: blaze
Likes:candy,cats fighting,blood,training and +blaize conley
Hates: haters,salt,carrots,and players
Bio: i was a nornal girl untill i was sent here. I fell in love with a guy in the academy. I am a skilled reaper and love blood and gore😄
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