Just beat tomb raider 100% completion in under 17hrs fun game and a beautiful game Bill was right :)

Streaming awesomenauts! #PS4live

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Streaming super motherload check it out!


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2nd run through in Demons Souls.  I have to say I love this game and look forward to Dark Souls 2 soon !!!

Posted it for Joel on FB, but I figured you might want it here since you devoted some time to it on the show.  I'm far from the best, but these are the techniques that made me better in #Resogun:

#1. Multiplier is paramount. It is more important than everything else because it's an exponential gain on score, whereas everything else is additive. What's worth more? 90k for saved humans x 1 mulitplier or 60k for saved humans x 6 multiplier. It's worth noting that hitting an enemy will keep it going, and killing an enemy will make it go up. The green bits are NOT multiplier related, they're overdrive-related. Also picking up or dropping off a human keeps it alive.

#2. Your Overdrive is not an "oh crap" mechanic, it's a scoring mechanic, and it goes exponential in scoring as well. Get your multiplier up, wait for a large group of enemies, and unleash it. Don't wait too long either, every enemy you kill when your overdrive is full is "wasted" as potential gain for readying your next overdrive.

#3. Don't die. It sounds silly, but it's the worst thing you can do. It knocks out your invincibility bonus at the end of the mission AND it resets your multiplier. Just like SSHD, dying the first time largely limits your realistic score ceiling.

#4. 10 humans saved is more than double worthwhile than 9. (100k + 100k bonus versus 90k) What this means is that if you've already lost one human, don't do something stupid or over-extend yourself, it's just not as worthwhile as staying alive and keeping that multiplier going.

#5. Bombs do not have the worth that they do in SSHD. They're worth less than a human, dying or losing multiplier. Don't be afraid to use them in a pinch.

#6. Boosting is not a fixed recharge. If you use less, it recharges faster. Keep those boosts as short as you possibly can, it can save your ass for getting out of a sticky situation or boosting to get close to that next group to keep multiplier up.

#7. Seeking enemies are your friend. Kill off 90% of them and let off the trigger, killing them one at a time while they chase you to lead you to the next mob to go after. It's counter-intuitive to leave things alive, but keeping that multiplier up is much more valuable.

#8. Move less. You don't need to be flying all over the place, lots of enemies come to you, and you're less likely to miss keepers (they spawn relative to your position).

#9. Use the law of all shmups: As more starts happening on screen, pay attention to less of the screen. When it hits the fan, you should probably only pay attention to a 1"-2" circle around your ship. It'll improve your reflexes, and you'll find yourself managing the chaos much more. When you've got breathing room, then you should concern yourself with the fringe enemies, or where you need to move to next.

#10. Pay attention. Learn enemy patterns. Learn the audio cues. The more you understand the game's attention to detail, the less you'll be surprised by things.

Loading up . "The Last Of Us!!"  looking forward to it !

Picked up Battlefield 3 Pre on sale.  Just a warning...I suck at fps on the console.  But I can be a good meat shield for someone.

I know I have taken an extreme view on the Xbox One but it pisses me off when consumers are treated with such disrespect!  The corporate attitude of  "Gamers are stupid...we will show them what they want!" is evident in Microsoft and I say screw em.  We told them what we wanted and what we expected.  They said tough and I say no sale.

Sony listened this round and has some impressive tech and games on the way.  I can use Gamefly or rent/ borrow any game I want.  

Games cost millions of dollars as do movies.  I can rent movies, borrow etc.  Games should be no different.

It is not a small deal..keep it forefront in your thoughts when buying a new console.  

The tv crap I could care less about.  I own a Roku which is all the tv I need.  I am a gamer when I can get some free time.  I care about how I can afford my hobby and that of my kids.

PS4 is preordered not because I needed the next gen system early..because I was so pissed at MS and their arrogance they forced my hand.  Sony can hopefully keep this pace and crush MS this generation so they listen to what consumers want.

Chasing Joel's NfS MW scores but damn he must of had a long time in this game.  I have a lot of work to do !!!!!
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