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Hi I'm English and wanted to say hi I think we are better together if you want more power we will give you that power just please don't leave

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next years SNP conference or was it last year either way can we not hold the next one somewhere on the island of gruinard 
(terry pratchets pic from the brilliant disc world books pity18th wasn't in a fantasy world as most of the yes campaigns debating is straight out of an alternate universe)

Just wondering why all post's have stopped on this community page? Can anyone answer?!! I was expecting a bit more information and debate's.. 😱

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Dinner with No Voters
I know this may not be popular, but please give it a read. I felt it was something to think about... for all sides of the debate.

No matter what happens, I know I'll still love Scotland on Sept 19th.

#bettertogether   #yesscotland   #indyref   #scotland  

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Alex Salmond in 'cover-up' row over independent Scotland's set-up costs

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Would you need a passport to go to Scotland?

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Tories should pause before giving Salmond what he wants

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Peers suggest UK could delay proposed date of Scottish independence
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