I know this sounds crazy and I hardly post in these communities at all, but does anyone know how to become a hunter? It sounds crazy wanting to kill your own kind and others a like... And it is and I don't, but if there is a type that only goes after those who murder humans is it possible to join them? Asking out of curiosity.

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Hello all. I made an discord for those who wish to find more like us supernaturals and learn from us or just simply chill. But please join the group I will leave a link below thank you for your time.

Hey, I'm looking for some help. I'm human but have a friend who's an omega and we're trying to find a pack that's being hunted so I can get turned by an alpha and he can join but problem is they're being hunted and I was wondering if anyone knew how to find them it's a pack in horley England and I've seen the alpha but only once and I can't find them anymore

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Hi am new i belive in vampires and other supernatural being. I am human myself i would like to stay.

It's the fourth of July and the fireworks sounds like a gunshot it's reminding me of a time I heard a gunshot while hunting and suddenly a wolf disappeared from my pack I hope it's not the same wolf but it most likely was.

I don't know if anyone has gone to through same as me but I don't remember much from my werewolf life all I really remember are the times that my werewolf side would really try to come through and the first few nights it was very hard and other werewolves from my now pack would come into my room and watch over me for the night to make sure I wouldn't get out and hurt anyone. It was really hard and even now my wolf side still comes out and I have to hide it.

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How to become werewolf ?

Hey guys I made my own pack. The vengeful shadows. All are welcome except for those who are under the age of 18. Thanks for the support!
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