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Hello There Everyone I Hope You Find You Forever Children Here !!! <3


No Sex Roleplay
Do Not Argue With A Owner/Moderator
Do Not Overprice Your Adopts Or Commissions If You Know They Are Not Worth That Much
Treat Everyone Fairly
Do Not Support Of Promote Stealing OCs/Art
Do Not Steal Art Or OCs
If There Is A Art/OC Thief PLZ Report It To The Owners/Moderators
Make Sure The Post Is Related To The Community
Do Not Post Other Communities Here That Will Count As Spam
3 Strikes And Your Out
And Most Importantly Have Fun

Rules For Owners/Moderators:
Do Not Demote Anyone Unless The Founder Says You May
Do Not Ban Anyone Unless The Founder Says You May
Only The Founder May Accept Join Request
PLZ Mark How Many Strikes They Have Received Next To The Profile
PLZ Treat Everyone Fairly
The Founder May Promote Other Owners To Do The Job Of The Founder

People With Strikes:

+Anime Pony​​​​
+Panda Fluff​​
+Brisa LoveHeart​​

Founder's Account:

I have a question, is there anyway to become a mod?

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I have 56 points to spend :3 any adopts?? Ill be picky

Reason I wanna be a mod: I could help keep thefts out and help people who break rules and talk with them. I could also inv people.
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