I am new at dnd but I have made my character also I am sorry if I put things in the wrong way... plz help me on posting and dnd plz... arigato!

also how often do people dnd in this community???

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Name: Professor Raphael Striki
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Race: Vampire-Werewolf hybrid, First Generation
Weight: 185 lbs
Height: 5 ft, 11 in
Build: Average 
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black (when calm), Red (when attacked)
Relationships: Doctor
Spouse: Natasha Striki (Red Cloak)
Children: Elizabeth Striki (In Chair)
Weapons: Daggers, chemical potions
Magic/Abilities: Vampiric Abilities, such as Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Combat, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Endurance, Teleportation, and Enhanced Senses . Others include the following:
Aerokinesis: The ability to mentally control wind and air flow.
Animation: The ability to bring inanimate objects to life.
Biokinesis: The power to heal or perform other biological manipulation, like stop a heart.
Chronokinesis: The power to control time, and even travel through time.
Clairvoyance: The power to visually perceive events that are taking place elsewhere or sense places that are not in view. (only ability I use during battle)
Divination: The ability to predict the future.
Power Absorption: The ability to absorb another person’s powers, leaving the person powerless. (Usage mostly in battle)
Power Negation: The ability to cancel out or diminish the powers of others. (Usage in Battle)
Power Sensing: The ability to sense the powers of another person. (Usage in Battle)
and lastly Presentience: A form of precognition where one senses events before they happen instead of “seeing” them.
(Only vampire to be able to walk in daylight), and Werewolf Abilities, such as Healing Factors, Shapeshifting, and Night Vision
Adventurer Class: The Nature Magician
Armor:  None
Realm: Realm of Life
Quotes(Optional):   War does not determine who is right- Only who is left
Theme Song (optional): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Hgpv5X84W0 (0:00 to 5:25)
Combative: Yes, only when necessary
Gems(Currency): Gold and silver coins
Biography: Born between a vampire and a werewolf, I can see the ways of live in both worlds. When I was little my mother, a Vampire, taught me how to use magic, because before I was born she took powers from others which eventually was given to me. After a few year, my parents went into battle but never returned.  Left all alone I went and searched for them, but to no avail, I couldn't find them. After 10 years I had mastered every magic skill my mom had ever taught me while trying to keep myself alive with the necessities in life.  Even though people think I'm a monster whose only entertainment is watching others suffer, I'm actually a person with a kind heart. I want to protect others and make sure they live a fulfilling life. I don't like to resort to violence but if someone resorts to it first, and kills my friends I will not back down from getting my hands bloody for them so that they can be avenged. 
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hops in a tree is anyone ever on here? ((Free join))

Sits on the top of the mountain 

flies down and lands in the middle of town

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A boy and a girl walk into the kingdom wearing masks on the side of their heads

sits on a tree branch singing my voice cracking a little as tears stream down my face

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