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I'm sorry guys, but I have to share this for safety reasons now that I seen it.

A poem I did for a WW1 history project

The Recollections of Eric “Ringtail” Grodo

28 May 1918

Battle of Cantigny

05:45, morning haze still over the battlefield, we broke it with artillery, the unnerving explosion as it hit the other side, officers still in the dugout as I was on the frontlines, waiting for a response to the rude awakening. They did as the day continued, there were nearly 3 shots an hour, artillery shells rebounding with sound making my head ring, I looked around the trench and at the fire step in front of me, I hesitate, then I get on it. My head pounding with adrenalin. I looked at the French solder beside me scared, I didn’t know his language but we both knew how to speak in the tongue of the enemy. “Was jetzt?” what now? I asked “schießen,” he said. Shoot. I slammed my finger down on the trigger aiming for the barbed wire on the other side, after a few shots I hurriedly got down, amazed I’m still alive. This pattern continues about five times till I get orders to start loading artillery guns, my heart leaps, if I do that I could be more of a target for the other side, shaking as I approach the huge weapon, I was rushed by people going to the same place. Somebody opens the breach for me and I put the charge in and close It, somebody hits the lanyard, somebody opens the breach for me

and I put the charge in and close It, somebody hits the lanyard and we all get out of the way when I hear a boom, zoom the weapon flies back and clips one of us in the shoulder, he screams in pain and is carried off to the field infirmary. For some reason all eyes fall on me… scared I look all around for a superior rank. They’re all busy trying to rally to go over the top. Knowing that’s a suicide mission I avert my eyes focusing all my energy on making up for the man we just lost, opening the hatch, putting in the charge, and pushing the weapon back, opening the breach, putting in the charge, and pushing the weapon back. This continues until things slow down. The next group comes in to replace us, I crouched in the trench and clench my stomach as hunger comes over me, drinking water to die it down knowing that my emergency rations were already gone. I grumble to myself and put my head down, suddenly the artillerary go from 3 to almost 5, machine gun fire crazy over my head, I begin wondering about my orders, knowing I was supposed to keep switching from the front lines to the…”Ringtail.” I wake with a start the world still looks like blurry art as I blink away my fatigue. “Deliver this to the support trench dugout.” He hands me a rough looking piece of paper and I get up and run off to follow the orders. 20 minutes, I’ve had 20 minutes of sleep for 24 hours . great, fine, ok wake up. I give the report to the officer and I, am, tired. Shots fired from a comrade, sorta glad I have this time now, I sleep, I had no

dreams but it was fitful as if it were harmful to me, scared of the things unseen. I wake , I ask what time it is, I get no answer then I fall.

May 29, Day 2

Last night was a dream, I shake my head of frightful sweat as I get up. Aching all over I head to a breakfast wagon, Dragging my feet as I eat and as soon as I get done I got orders… 2 hours have passed since then, it seems we’re advancing again, we’re winning… I’m just wondering if I’ll live to see that…Tanks roll forward on the far side of the battlefield and the French get on planes…. Things are moving too fast I’m losing track where I am, I hand the report to the officer… Explosions make it hard to think, soldiers far off holding their guns like new trinkets, stench rises to my nose and permeates the air, rats scuttle and golden cats flying by after them. The world heavy with the sensation of the possibility of victory, lost I follow to the frontlines not realizing what I am doing…. More time passes the sun going down quickly as talk about getting out and goes around like smoke. “Maybe I can go see my folks…” I hear someone say. Wondering where the day has gone… another delivery, we must be close, as I look at the sky I realize… that’s a different world, planes pass like speeding clouds.

30 May, Day 3

I didn’t even have time to write after those orders I delivered. Running from frontline to support to reserve to dugout to dugout. All the time fearful of my head being blown off. They said today, today we are taking Cantigny, as the day continues we get news… This will be over by tomorrow, working with new vigor I use up the day quickly… head resting just slightly peacefully… Early we receive more news… We won. The total causality count being 1,067 for us 1,603 for them and we have 100 prisoners. Relief washes over me as I relax over a game of Crown and Anchor taught to me by some tommy I met. I breath….

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Yay I have to take State Assesments

A Poem I wrote 


The unstable friendship which people take in when they have no one else to go to
Driven by anger and melancholy to a dreadful relationship but you meet him
He tells you that you won’t be alone that you need not worry about the outside world
For with him you are entertained
As it seemed at the beginning 
Then this companion begins to demand more
Your personality
Your emotions
Your family
To devote your entire being to him
To bind yourself eternally to him
At first you always accepted willingly
Then it becomes too much for you then he asks 
For you to die
He tells you that you will never be alone if you do it  
Then you realize that this entire time that is all he wanted
But dyeing is harder than you originally thought
He keeps asking you if you will do it 
You want to comply but it is as if
A invisible force attracts to life and keeps you there
Then you see 
The terrible life style that which you have taken in this relationship
You realize that you have to leave him but anger prevents you  
You ask for help but it seems as if there is no one your plea will reach
Then you face the decision 
Either you die 
Or you fight
For living 
For another chance
Then you think on your life
Realizing that no friend has understood you
You feel they should but
Even now you have a companion 
Who never left you alone
Always looming as if a spirit
But never have you felt more alone 
You feel as if you have has no one to talk to for years
Then you do what seemed impossible
You leave 
Anger tries to follow 
you run fast
You run so fast you hit another
You apologized and asked his name
He said

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