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This Sunday at the Milwaukee County Zoo, there will be an event for all ages.  The Third Annual KidReach Foundation Day at the Zoo will be taking place 10-3pm.  This event will have a raffle, silent auction, face painting, and many other activities.

Hi there! My name is Lauren Hitchin and I am a doctoral student at The University of Auckland Faculty of Education. I am researching the relationship that persons with intellectual disabilities have with their communities. The aim of my research is to ultimately increase the inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities in New Zealand communities. This will be done, in part, by creating an intervention that encourages the interaction of persons with intellectual disabilities and persons without intellectual disabilities, in a fun, comfortable environment. I anticipate that the negative attitudes towards persons with intellectual disabilities held by some citizens, and the fear of the unknown that many citizens have, will be dispelled once they spend time with persons with intellectual disabilities. I came into this field of research as my brother is intellectually disabled, and I am passionate to bring about change in this area in New Zealand. I am really loving my studies thus far. If you have any suggestions/comments in my area of research, feel free to comment in my blog :)
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