Any status update on the SMS app? I still can't send texts from it and had to switch to another texting app for the time being.

Is it OK to request texting buddies? I don't text much cause I don't have many friends to text ha ha ha!

Also, I'm still hoping for the app to integrate hangouts and Facebook messenger into it. I'd definitely be able to use it more and get others in on it that way.

I love using Adaway, but obviously it isn't compatible with your app. Is there a work around for whitelisting your app? 

Strange but I haven't received any drops today. Problems on the server-side or am I missing something?

When switching between conversations and writing drafts if a message takes long to send or begin sending then the name on the conversation will change but the messages will come back to the previous conversation. I believe a message sent in this goes to the name of the conversation but then remains in the wrong conversation for viewing purposes. The rate prompt also continues to prompt after a review is posted.

Hello, just wondering what is the device limit can I use the same account for the 4 cellphones that my family use?

It would be really cool for many people if there was a way to just have the ads on over WiFi so that they don't use data. Granted they don't use much data but a simple toggle would likely be appreciated by many people especially if they are using a pay as you go or pay for what you use service (ting and tracfone).

How Long Payout?
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