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This is a great video with this post.

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Life in the Deserts
Human Planet, Deserts: Life in the Furnace #Class7Geography

NCERT Geography text, Chapter 10

This video shows how humans and animals have adapted to desert environments in different parts of the world.

Topics include:

* Sandstorm and cattle herding near elephants in Mali
* Fishing in Antogo lake after it has shrunk through evaporation
* Tubu women crossing the Sahara with a camel caravan in Niger
* Camel herders in the Gobi Desert
* Moisture farming in the Atacama desert
* Underground aqueducts in Algeria
* Fertility dance of the Wodaabe in Niger

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Equality in India #Class7Civics

NCERT Civics text, Chapter 1

Is everyone in India really equal? Does everyone have access to health care, education, employment?

This episode of Aamir Khan's show Satyamev Jayate shows people who have not been treated equally as defined by the Constitution of India. However, it also shows people who have overcome these obstacles to change things for themselves and other people.

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How does climate change affect biodiversity? #Class7Geography

NCERT Geography text, Chapter 4

This video includes an easy-to-understand explanation of the Greenhouse Effect and discusses the far-reaching effects of human activities on the planet.

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India's Water Crisis #Class7Geography

NCERT Geography text, Chapter 5

India receives adequate rainfall for its billion-plus population, but the country is facing a crisis as water is diverted from poor rural areas to richer cities. This video focuses on problems and possible solutions for this crisis.

Classroom discussion:

* Is it only the government's responsibility to manage water? How can responsibility be divided among the government, communities and individuals?
* What is the problem with drinking water that has been acquired from extremely deep wells?
* What role does water scarcity play in driving migration from rural to urban areas?
* What are some examples of this type of migration in history?
* How does water scarcity cause social unrest?
* Why are individuals unable to combat the problem of water scarcity? What can they do to reach at a solution?
* What re geographical factors that play a role in water scarcity?
* Does any state in India provide an uninterrupted 24-hour supply of water? Find out.
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