Do you guys have art BECUSE I NEED IT PLS....make a a banner GAMING banner for my other channel And Pls send me PROFILE PIC BANNER PICS ANYTHING (Spoilers game I'll play:FNAF 1,2,3,4, Undertale,FLOPPY BURD,DEATHRUN PORTABLE,PROPHUNT PORTABLE)SO GUYS I need all games of the banner Or Profile so PLS PLS the good drawers make me banner I'll give credits shoutouts ANYTHING YOU WANT PLS MAKE ME BANNER FROM MY NEW CHANNEL JulieVSGaming Pls make me Banner or profile pic ILL GIVE YOU ART TRADE ANYTHING YOU JUST PLS PLS PLSSSSS
Realy pls Make me Banner or Profile....FOR ONCE PLS...the banner
Weigh: 2048
Length: 1152
If it's wrong go to the other way (PLS MAKE ME BANNER ORRR PROFILE ILL GIVE YOU ANYTHING ...PLS)(Don't hate me IM JUST ASKING)

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IN this game its kill or be killed!

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Announcement! WE NEED 20 or 30 Members to make this communitee start
-Ace Blu
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