we worked undercover for so long to expose fraud abuse and neglect and are still advocates, we have worked in long term care for years, I am a talk show host and would love to bring some of you on to talk about all of this abuse that is going on all over the US.

i would like to bring all of us together in a hangout very soon. i know that is a lot to ask of everyone. but i would like to discuss the matters at hand as far as caregivers and the ones they care for are concerned. i am facing a bad case of caregiver burnout and i would like to be able to talk with others in this group not only about why they are here in this group but what being a caregiver means to them. are you a caregiver of a loved one or are you working in the long term care field at a facility. or do you simply want to show your support of caregivers.

no one has done or said anything in this group unless it is me. i would like to know why you all have entered this group. please leave me a message here on this wall and let me know.

I am calling for a reason for all of you to be in this community with me. I am a caregiver and caregiver / patient advocate for fourteen years and counting. There has to be a reason as to why you joined me here on Google Plus in this community. I am also currently going through a hard time with caregiver burnout all over again after the death of my mother-in-law.

I have a lot to say and a lot to teach others. I have a lot on my mind and I am not always nice about it. But this community was created to bring us together to create solutions to the problems that caregivers and the ones they care for face every day in this very broken long term care system.

So I would like each one of you to post in this community and tell me why you are here and what you hope to get out of this community.

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hello and welcome to the Advocates for Quality Long Term Care. I am proud to have you all come and join this community. Here is a link to my story about me and how I became a caregiver / patient advocate and 14 years and counting caregiver in the long term care industry: http://www.unitedcaregiversofamerica.org/ucoa---about-us.html.

I have a great passion and drive to make change in the industry. I am currently working inside the industry at a long term care facility. I have worked in facility care and in-home-care for the past almost 5 years now and see many things that need changing. The two most important things that I have noticed that is critical is education and support for the caregivers (both paid and unpaid),

I have watched good caregivers come and get burned out and leave not only the facility but the industry and I have seen new caregivers (with no experience) do the same. It is terrible that neither of these things matter when it comes to what is most important to the industry and that is the bottom dollar ($$$$).

I look forward to open ended discussions in this community. I look forward to disagreements on things. I look forward to being able to vent and release stress about everyday things that we face as caregivers in the long term care industry. So again welcome.

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if we stick together and work at this we can help save our long term care system,however if we really care about ourselves and those seniors already in this system then we need to get out there and really help Mary to bring this to everyones attention.people are dying and suffering all over the United States because this system has very little support for its caregivers.please do more than hit the like button,repost and let everyone on your friends list and beyond know that she is here and the wonderful work she is doing and has done.

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My current experience working in the long term care system is causing me to have severe caregiver burnout and constant depression. I love being a caregiver and caring for others but I am going through a serious down slope of happiness with my current job. I love the caregivers that I work with for the most part that is not what is causing me to feel this way. I am having troubles dealing with how my management is handling the situations that our residents and staff are facing everyday. Such as lack of training and education for new caregivers who come to work at our facility. I am also getting sick and tired of caregivers who do things that are out of line do not have any reprocussions. I am getting tired of caregivers coming to work and just seeing it as a paycheck and not a loving and compassionate place to care for others in need. All said and done our management does not even get along with each other. I have seen at least 17 different staff members including kitchen staff either leave or be fired from my facility where I work and I have only been there 9 months. Over the past 9 months I have heard some truly disturbing things from both residents and staff. There is no proper education or support for the staff such as education on colostomy care and catheter care or how to change out an oxygen tank when it is empty. We hire new caregivers who are new to the long term care industry and we burn them out and over work them within one month. They turn bitter in no time and want to leave and move on to something better. For example we recently had a caregiver who is older and she worked in in-home-care. She wanted to work facility care. Boy was she in for a surprise. She was burned out real quick and recently gave her two weeks notice. How sad is that. She has a big heart. I have also worked with and currently work with some caregivers who should not be and I also work with some medaides who should not be allowed on the med cart. But hey what do I know. I am simply a 14 year and counting caregiver. The problems that this industry are far greater than what I can put in this post.
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