sits in the waiting room, waiting for my test (Open)

((Open rp.))
sakura ran was sitting on a chair worried about the test looking around her .

Name: Jack
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Year: First
Faction was in: Abnegation
Faction going to be in: Dauntless
Skills: a skilled fighter
Personality: Headstrong, stubborn, kind
Bio: was taught how to fight by his father, usually gets in trouble for starting fights in school, even though he only ends up in a fight because he's stopping a bully
Crush: none yet
Others: hates seeing people being bullied, will often use his fighting experience to stop the bully

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Name: Elena
Age: 16
Gender: female
Year i am in: just starting
Faction that i was in: Candor ...
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Name: Sakura ran.
 Age ((must start at 16.)):   16.
Gender: female.
Year you in: going to being starting.
Faction was in: adeano.
Faction you going to be in: daunless.
 Skills: sealth, gymnasium.
Personality: shy, nice, friendly, caring, quiet, smart and kind.
 Bio: secret.
Crush: open.
Others: n/a.
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