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Name: Harmony June Wilson
Age: 16
Appearance: long wavy blonde hair, sapphire eyes, lightly tanned skin and 5'6".
Personality: Friendly, Kind, Little Rebellious, Adventurous, intelligent  
Strengths: learns quickly, potions, running, intelligent
Weaknesses: Spiders Snakes
Weapon: wand

Name: Argenta Sevelum
Age: 15
-Hair: Glossy black, braided
-Eyes: Shattered colors; gold,brown,gray,black, and etc.
-Skin: Pale and thin, so you can sometimes see the veins inside
Likes: Silver(duh! her name means 'silver'.), night,  trees-especially birch, vipers-poisonous ones, poisons and potions
Hates: Confinement (am Claustrophobic), The water, fire, Sunflower seeds(no Idea why.)
Good at: running, climbing, making potions, alchemistry
Bad at: sitting still, swimming, eating sunflower seeds
Weapon: Poisoned needles that are concealed in her sleeves
Personality: Quiet, Dark, always sad, clever

The Guardian of the Crystal Ball
 Hello there, I believe you’re that new one who just joined us. As a rookie, you may not be as good as the others, but don’t fret. If you work hard and make wise decisions, I’m sure everything will be alright. I just got news from my cousin, who is very smart when it comes to magic, saying that there’s supposedly an ancient Crystal Ball in South America. It’s worth a fortune, and belongs to an old native american tribe. Some say it’s magical, but the important thing is that the government has been searching for it for centuries. They are hoping to put it on display at the ‘Mysteries of Old’ museum. It’s lavender purple, with dragon claws on it’s stand, holding it in place. There’s also tell of a secret compartment some where on it, where? I can’t say. smiles So, are you interested? Cause if you are, there’s a lot more I need to tell you.
 Oh, so you are? Thought you would be. I’ve already rearranged for a flight and someone to meet you at the airport. You have to be careful though, word’s gotten out, and many others will be looking for this ball. The crystal ball is hidden somewhere in the wild, supposedly in an elevated place because of it’s value. pulls out a note and hands it to you You have two options, pack and leave right away or stay for a week and learn more about the Crystal Ball. I got two plane tickets reserved, but I need to know now before someone else get’s them. You’ll be on your own during the flight, but an agent of mine will be by your side after that. So, what do ya say?
Choose 1. to leave immediately. Choose 2. to stay for a week and do some research.

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Character Sheet:
Name: Opal Hayes
Age: 19
Appearance: long blonde hair, adventurous hazel eyes, lightly tanned skin and 5"11.
Personality: Mischievous, Friendly, Daring, Stubborn and Suspicious
Strengths: Tracking and Fighting
Weaknesses: Heights and Snakes
Weapon: pistol
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Character Sheet:

(The pic is the best i could find. I have black hair and bright blue eyes. Sorry)

Name: Willow Meadowlark
Appearance: tall, with long black hair ,pale skin (with a slight tan,and blue eyes.
Height: 5'6
Personality: Outgoing,Intelligent, good leader, awesome
Strengths: swimming, fighting
Weaknesses: afraid of heights
Weapon: Dagger

A small bio: 
My dad is an archeologist currently on a dig so when i'm not with him i'm looking at ancient stuff. I really like Ancient Egypt, and i believe in ghosts. I also have a cat named Bast. (Based on the egyptian goddess Bastet.)

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'Adventure 1' coming soon...
What will it be?
Adventure Clues
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1. No swearing or posting anything inappropriate
2. Only post a picture of yourself with your character Sheet, otherwise it will be considered Spam and be removed.
3. Don't be rude.
4. You are not allowed to go back once you choose what to do next. If your character dies then you can make a new one. Also, if the next parts are posted before you choose what to do next then it won't count. Everyone has two days to decide what to do after the part is posted, but after that, comments will be disabled and you are out.

Penalties if you break a rule....
*WARNING: If you act extremely inappropriately then  a moderator will ban you mediately. *
1. Private Warning
2. Official Warning
3. You are taken out of the adventure and will have to wait till the next one.
4. You will be banned from this community.

Do not post you character Sheet Here! Post it in the 'Character Sheets' Tab.
Character Sheet:
Appearance: Hair (length, style and color), Eyes (shape, size and color), skin and height.
Personality: Five words describing your character.
Strengths: What are you good at? Only two.
Weaknesses: At least two
Weapon: Only one

Leader: (One In Charge)
Opal Hayes (Chrystal Ryder)
Lieutenant: (Second in Command)
Inspector (Checks to see if everyone is obeying the rules)

Skilled Adventurer

Rae Sabitino (Raadiya Shardow)
Willow Meadowlark (Wallow Wintervalle)
Finley Orion (Declan Walding)
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