Name 1: Anderson Alexanderson
Name 2: Alex Samson

Age 1: 20
Age 2: 18

Current location 1: Equestria

previous location 1: Classified
2: Classifed

Species 1: Gifted human (are humans OK with you?)
2.Gifted Human

Gift 1: the power of cosmic (upon anger you see a rainbow-like aura), a small magical golden sphere on Ander's chest bone (overuse = death)
2: Left demon wing, Right skeletal wing (both retractable), a small magical golden sphere on Alex's chest bone (overuse = death)

bio 1: Ander is a orphan who trained himself to become the deadliest warrior, but he got struck by a purple lightning bolt, and got sent to Equestria. Then, he became a adventurer afterwards.

2:Alex's parents have died in a major car accident. After that, he  made the deal with the devil to bring his parents back to life, but with a catch: it made him half demon, and then send him to Equestria. He trained himself to fight, and he became a adventurer afterwards.

Here is my bio about me

Age:21 (Goldian[planet goldia] age: 210)
Current location: Ponyville
previous location: Planet Goldia
Species:goldian ( a human who is made out of gold and has a certain jewel on its forehead.)
weapon(s): Golden Great sword
energy attack(s): Gemini Cannon(special attack) , dark/light Pierce beam, dark/light Energy Ball, Golden Buster (full power attack)

special item(s): Potara Earring (fusion between Jackie Spades)

bio: A Goldian who has a strong will and heart becomes a galactic adventurer.

Welcome to The Goldenblade Clan, if anyone (anypony) sees this, I am neutral between the Solar Empire and The Lunar Republic. If you're a member, commander, or general of The Goldenblade, spread the word.
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