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Population: 381,474,296
Name new christian order of liberty
gov christian technocracy
Founded 2045
Religion christian
Status War on islam and satanism

How did this community died

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Name: People's Republic of Malaya

Founded: 1948

Ended: 1989

Status: High

Independence: August 5th

Allies: Soviet, China, Laos, Vietnam, Kampuchea

Enemies: USA, Canada, Indonesia

Religion: 95% Islam

Location: Southeast Asia (Kuala Lumpur)

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Name: United States of Nevada

Founded: 1964

Independence: October 31st

Government: Republic / Drmocrat

Location: North America

Status: Strong

Religion: 50% Christian Religions, 50% Jewish, 20% Islam

Allies: (Japan ,south korea * now known as the South Korean / Japanese empire*) , Taiwan , UK , Australia , poland , Germany , China , and other countries that is free.

Enemies: North Korea, ISIS, Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan, iran


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Name: Korean Japanese Empire

Founded: 1995

Independence: January 29th (Aka my birth

Government: Democracy

Location: Aisa , South Korea and Japan

Status: Strong

Religion: 70% Christian Religions

Allies: Usa , Uk , Hong Kong , China , Poland , Ukraine , Taiwan , Germany and other countries

Enemies: North Korea, ISIS, Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran


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I declare I will Ally the Republic of Arizona. We will both become the strongest Empires ever.
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Name: The Republic Of Arizona

Status: Middle

Independence: October 5th

Allies: Nevada, California, Oregon

Enemies: Isis, Mexico, Idaho

Religion: 50% Catholic 20% Islam

Location: North America

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United Guard Russian American

Founded in 1993

Name: People's Republic of Brazil
Government: One-Party Dictatorship
Ideology: Marxism
Leader: Rui Costa Pimenta
Poupulation: 290 million

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