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Name: Eliza "Paw" Wolfe

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Personality: Loud, Fun, Energetic, Sassy, Sarcastic

Bio: Paw had left behind her small family in Genoville to join the Elite School Of Music to pursue her dream of one day being a famous singer/guitarist. She had a rough past, clingy boyfriends, abusive relatives and a near death experience, so she wants to start new and forget the past. Just let it all go, pour it down the drain, smash the bottle...but it won't and will never be easy....


Eliza arrived at the front of the school with a small suitcase and a guitar slung over her back, she breathed in fresh air and said,

"New start for me...Eliza is gone. I'm...Paw."

She settled on the name and slowly walked towards the building
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