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"Welcome to Safe Side, a city where we take care of our citizens with care and respect!"

"The rules here are simple..."

1: No Adult content or Any NSFW. However, Kissing is allowed.
2: Don't be rude, unless it's part of your character.
3: Feel free to explore around the areas... We have the Cafe, Stores, Library, Hospital, Bar, Pool, Restaurant and the houses =Houses go from 1 to 1000=
4: Have fun!

"Remember, Safe Side is a lovely place, nothing bad could happen.... Right?"

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Safe Side Character Profile
Name: Abby
Age: 25 years old - Adult
Occupation: Barista - works at cafe
Personality: Kind, a bit nerdy, quiet at times, can be a bit snappy at times
Likes: Music, Animals, Chocolate, Reading, Tomboyish girls
Dislikes: Dead animals, storms, bad weather, Rude people, messy people, Heartless people
Orientation: Lesbian
Quotes: "If you feel like bugging me about your love life, go bug someone else..." "Uhhhh... I don't go 'that' way... How about trying your wife with that question, sir?" "If you want to see the stars with me on the hill near the Library, you can! ♥"
Looks: A light skin tone, Medium dark brown hair, green eyes, Tomboyish clothes
Height: 5 feet 10 inches

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Safe Side Character Profile
Name: Louise

Age: 16

Occupation: Entertainer

Personality: Sweet,funny,likes everyone,strong,loyal to her friends

Likes: art,music,dancing, etc..

Dislikes: mean people and etc..

Orientation: Straight

Quotes: "Mess with me and you get the team" (team meaning squad will hurt you)

Looks: blonde hair,pretty looks, brown eyes




Safe Side Character Profile
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Safe Side Character Profile
Name: Ciara
Age: 23
Occupation: Librarian
Personality: Kind, a bit nerdy, quiet most of the time
Likes: Animals, Chocolate, Tomboyish girls, Music
Dislikes: Rude people, abuse, dead animals, Bees, Messy People, Heartless People, Natural Disasters
Orientation: Lesbian
Quotes: "Errr... Excuse me? Wanna slip that by me again?" "How about you better watch yourself before I end up hurting you next time you say that about me?" "Sure, we can go watch a movie sometime. ♥"
Looks: Light skin tone, Medium brown hair, amber eyes, Tomboyish clothes
Height: 5 feet 15 inches
Additional info: She has a small crush on Abby but never told her.

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Ciara would be in the Library, sitting at her desk, reading a book quietly, her headphones on her head as she listens to music.... She would be reading "The Blue & Beyond" as she sits at her desk
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