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crys as I look at Claude he knees down and rubs my cheek wiping the tear away y-you're so unfair i stutter as I slap his hand away he grabs it dragging me behind him.we walk to a room he puts me in there and shuts the door behind him and says I can't wait to eat your soul i back up and I scratch my side
i look at you and tears up you knee down and puts a hand on my cheek then rubbing a tear away

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My art don't steal
Don't steal my art work but I know it's bad
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Name: Miku Michaelis
Age: 14
Gender: female
Species: demon neko
Siblings: Sebastian Michaelis
Personality: silly funny and playful
Likes: cats and sushi
Dislikes: dogs and mean people
Story: I'm Sebastian's little sister we haven't seen each other for 6 years I look at Sebastian I work for someone who wants to murder Sebastian's master and I was hired to do it

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