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My name is Maxwell Ivey, and I'm known around the world as The Blind Blogger. People have been inspired and motivated by my willingness to take on new challenges and opportunities. To the point that many have said if Max can do it then what is my excuse.

From that line grew a podcast where I talk to people about their experiences. My guests have either overcome adversity or life circumstances, or they are experts who can offer advice to my audience on accomplishing their own goals and dreams. By the end of the show my audience will be challenged to take action. For they will be thinking if Max and his guest can do it then what is their excuse. We talk about their failures and setbacks, their solutions and new ideas, and their successes and celebrations. I have put together a list of the inspiring guests who I will be having on my show. You can find it below. I look forward to hearing my show on your network. Thanks, Maxwell
1: Lorraine Reguly of Wording Well.
Raped as a virgin, went into prostitution and drug use before reversing her life course and becoming a successful author, blogger, and editor.

2: Alex Okoroji
Well known Nigerian actress who traded dissatisfaction with the red carpet life style for a more fulfilling life as author of The Naked Truth, host of The Naked Talk radio show, and founder of The Naked Movement.

3: Ryan Biddulph

Known as the Blogger From Paradise Ryan shows people how to live a fulfilled life as a island hopping digital nomad. He is a traveler what else, a youtube machine, and a prolific self published author.

4: Maura Sweeney
Known as The Happiness Ambassador Maura shows people how to live happy from the inside out. She is an author, coach, teacher, speaker, and host of a wonderful podcast called from the inside out.

5: Amy Bovaird
Amy is a visually impaired woman dealing with sight loss and living a happy fulfilled life. She is an author and speaker. Her books feature the lighter side of being blind.

6: Glen Kirkpatrick
Is a three time cancer surviver living with the long term effects of radiation and chemo therapy. He teaches people how to live in the moment and find joy all around them.

7: Scott Mulvaney
A former Hotshot wild land Firefighter, self-obsessed mountain biker, road cyclist, skier, climber, 14er hiker, skydiver, CrossFit Trainer, and all-around passionate outdoors enthusiast.

8: Kenyon Salo
He is a world traveler who has learned how to live life to the fullest. He wants to teach the rest of us how to live more fulfilled lives or what he calls living a bucket list life.

9: Erik Weihemmayer
Blind adventurer who has climbed all seven summits including Everest. He is always taking on new adventures and teaching others to do the same. His no barriers academy works with veterans and people with disabilities to help them overcome their limiting beliefs.

10: Adriana Gavazzoni
Brazilian lawyer turned author of sizzling legal thrillers. Her series hidden motives that started with Behind the Door has won multiple international awards. She also knows how to live life to the fullest.

11: Joe aka super Joe Pardo
Joe left a 7 figure family business to strike out on his own as a business coach, author, conference developer, and podcaster. He hosts a powerful business based show.

12: Dave Steele
long form poet singer and song writer who is losing his vision while still being a good husband and father to his children.

13: Brian R King
A man thriving in spite of his physical and mental illnesses raising three kids with mental illness who shows others how they living with similar problems how to live their best lives.

The What's Your Excuse? Show
The What's Your Excuse? Show

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