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American Workshop Career Education provides an Introduction to the Construction and Building Trades certification and training program. Fast, accessible training that gets you hired! Call 612-321-8390 for information and to register for an upcoming class.

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Out of this forum have come many new projects, the most significant is +American Workshop's "Green Construction Trades" certified course being made visible, accessible and relevant to a much larger base of people who will benefit from this training, and introduction to employers in the Construction Trades.

So much going on in the trenches this year, we've made very few updates to this community page. If you joined us, please take a moment to share a little about yourself and what your interest is here.

Announcement! A weekly Coaching Circle is now available at +Ricker Accounting For Life for people in job transition or contemplating career change. I am facilitating to start with, and we may have guest speakers and facilitators as time goes on. We will share resources from +Alan Hill such as Miracle Resumes and other useful tools that Alan has developed. Call or text 612-321-8390 for details.

We are in conversations with employers of all sizes. What are you hearing from those making hiring decisions?

Next event is March 27th, location to be determined
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