Where are the best holiday light displays?

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My plea to all of you: our local community is being delisted from the official local guides page, as we don meet the 50 member minimum. Please help invite any local guides you stumble upon, regardless of level. We're not far away, and I know we all want Eastern Washington back on the map!

Anybody else missing 150 photos, 100 points and down a Level? Something weird going on... I rebooted my phone and verified I was in the right profile but I'm missing some photos in Maps and Street View Apps. It appears to only be affecting my phone (It's the only place I know to look in order to see my Local Guide Level). The missing pictures still appear to be in my Desktop profile.........? Hmmmm...

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For the most part, the global meet-up day was a bust for us, bad timing for some, and not enough communication to the other Local Guides in our area. I will be actively trying to add people to the community over the next few weeks. Feel free to invite any local guides you encounter (I usually spot them in reviews and add them).

What does everyone think about a place for the next meetup? Walla Walla? TriCities?

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If you can make it up to Spokane on Fathers day weekend, come meet some fellow local guides, and get some Google freebies for the kids. Riverfront park is a great place to walk and explore, should be lots of fun for people of all ages.

I'll be the fat guy in the "Google" shirt, and the Android hat.


If you had to choose one place to visit in Eastern WA, what would it be?

Specific places, restaurants, theaters, laundromats (if so you should probably get out more....), doesn't matter, if you like it, tell us.

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Finally broke a million!
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