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Description~Rule~Character Template 


You don't have to watch or seen the anime to role play here. The community is just base off it. And since not much high school anime community have concert band I decided to make one. All you need is a character and an instrument (or voice) to play. If you don't want to start as a character who is good playingan instrument. They will be beginners course for student to pick an instrument and learn how to play it.


1.No spam PLEASE
2. No bullying behavior unless it an rp
3. You must have a profile before rping (unless you make a surprise entrance with my knowledge)
3. Please no hentai!! Or any sexually active
4. Your profile must be accept before role playing
5. You allow to have 3 profles (If you make specialist profile it wouldn't count as one of your three)
6. Let's try to be pure human. I don't want any monster coming and kill ever one in the band.
7. You must play an instrument or sing.
8. You allow to have relationship with others


(Specialist just cancel the ones that don't apply)

Crush: (please update when you do)
Appearance: (please give a good description or a picture)
Instrument: (If it you voice put voice here)
Theme Music: (optional)
Bio: (Bio can be simple if you want it to be. Such as amnesia, get to know while rping, doesn't like to talk about it, or even I live a happy life with my parents.)
Extra: (Add extra thing about your character. Such as if you have any silblings that might have courage you to join band)

Band Director: Taki-Sensei

The picture below is concert band last year

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meet the seiyuu

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Name: Taki-sensei
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Nice, caring, "charming", sometime rude, and mysterious
Like: Music, conducting, and nice weather
Dislike: Remember his wife, having little fangirls, and sweets
Appearance: The picture below
Bio: Does like to talk about it
Extra: He has a wife that past way give year ago

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