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Become a beta tester:
►request to join the tester community above
►you will get more frequent updates and early releases
►pls let me know if anything is not quite OK
►testers cannot rate apps: if you like TN pls rate it before becoming a tester ;-)
                                                             Thank you!

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v3.27 → Play
► Various crash fixes (previously unreported)
► App will now auto-activate itself after Play Store updates

_During yesterday's I/O 2017 announcements Google updated the Developer Console: they now provide crash reports without the need for users to click "Report" after a crash. This change was long overdue! We, users do a poor job of reporting errors. I have seen more crash reports in the first day of this new system than in half a year earlier! As you can imagine this makes catching and fixing problems much more efficient.

As a result of this welcome development, I already fixed 5 different (pretty isolated) crashes in the app! The update is rolling out now!

Hello happy new year to all from Greece! I bought this app and I am familiar with it and similiar apps but I cant find how to change the language to read at my language. It reads english but no greek. I have installed acapella tts which supports greek any help where I change that much appreciated :)

Hi! I was wondering if you were able to add the feature to reply to text only by voice? 

Feature Request

Hello! Greetings from Hong Kong!

For weeks I had been trying to figure out how pattern matching would work in Tasker to process differently incoming messages written in different languages, and how to get Tasker to switch speech engines according to the languages used. I was so frustrated and was just about to throw my phone out the window when I read about your app.

It has exactly what I've been looking for and I couldn't thank you enough for such a handy tool.

Over here, however, we speak Cantonese (a key dialect predominately spoken by people in most parts of southern China). It is now supported in Google's text-to-speech engines but not yet in your app. It would be great if you would kindly consider including it in a future release.

Thanks in advance.


Feature request: How about a snooze option during the pre-announcement delay? Sometimes I get spammed by mass SMS and I'd rather have the read outs stop for a while, and it'd be great if I could snooze them right away. Bonus for multiple (2? 3?) user-configurable snooze time buttons.

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v3.18beta Small bug fixes:
►second language words in upper case were not handled correctly
►gray out word lists if "second launguage" option is turned off

Thank you +Mathieu Gagnon for reporting the bug!
Animated Photo

Has this app been discontinued? 

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New V 3.13 beta submitted to the Play Store
New features:
►Delay after each read-out: Time to wait after notifications are shown and announced (chance to dismiss)
►Amount of detail announced: Expanded content /
Shorten expanded content / All expanded 
►Tweaked the new screen off workaround to not leave a 0sec screen timeout accidentally.

Credits go to +Mykel Pamperin​
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v3.12beta in the Play Store
Big news!
►Turns off screen without locking the device after readout
►Improved compatibility with Lollipop SmartLock
►New permission: WRITE_SETTINGS is necessary to apply the screen-timeout workaround (details below)

Note: users of my other app ReOn ExtraTime, please update it to the newest 1.08 version to prevent incompatibility.

Here is how the screen time-out modification trick works:
1. set up a listener for screen off
2. save the screen timeout value
3. set screen timeout to 10millisec
4. when the listener triggers, set it back to what it used to be
5. clear the listener

The end result should be the same without the need of Device Administrator registration. This saves users the hassle of activating Device Admin and deactivating it before un-install. I already removed all the references to Device Admin from the app.

I plan to keep this version in beta for a longer time. May I ask all of you to test to see if the new workaround gives you a satisfactory operation. Please report any incompatibilities with other apps and utilities.

Thank you as always.
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