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Become a beta tester:
►request to join the tester community above
►you will get more frequent updates and early releases
►pls let me know if anything is not quite OK
►testers cannot rate apps: if you like TN pls rate it before becoming a tester ;-)
                                                             Thank you!

Has anyone else had issues of notifications not being announced when connected to a smart watch? It seems fine when connected to just a headset but as soon as a watch is added, it seems to lower the music volume and give a click like I set out to do but then says nothing.

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v3.41 → Play
► WhatsApp double readout filtering! [please test and give feedback]
► New option: clear unused items from Blacklist/Messaging apps

► Cannot clear list if WHAT→"Blacklist new apps" is enabled.
► Blacklist and Messaging apps share items.
► Will only remove items which are unchecked in both.
► Apps with active notifications will reappear soon.
► CAUTION: "Blacklist new apps" will treat removed apps as new

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Start summary readout from your WearOS watch!
► The helper app "Summary" now has a Wear component
► Install it from the "Apps on your phone" section of the watch Play Store
► Simply open the app and tap on the center icon to start summary readout (on your phone)
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v3.39 → Play
► new blacklist option: only filter out phrases if they appear in a specified app
► follow the phrase with a tide character (~) and the name of the app
► app names are matched case-insensitive
► partial app name matches are also possible (i.e. "gm" will match "Gmail")

With the filter shown below you can filter out duplicate WhatsApp announcements. WhatsApp seems to post two notifications for each message, one of them contains the text "1 new message" or "X new messages". So filtering out WhatsApp messages with the phrase "new message" will get rid of the second notification. But this will not affect notifications from other apps.

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v3.40 → Play
► The expanded notification was not shown correctly on newer devices
🚘 enable/disable immediate readout
👁️ enable/disable full screen display
🔉 initiate summary readout
Tap on the notification to open Touchless settings

These have always worked, but without the speaker icon many did not realize it is possible to start summary right from the notification!

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v3.38 → Play
► Adaptive icon update for all related apps
► Bugfix when secondary language set to English

ANDROID OREO and later, the new icons work with any icon shape. They are also multilayered!

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✔️ Hear your notifications
✔️ Smart trigger system
✔️ Full screen notifications + message readout

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